How to make Google Voice without an application on cellphone and PC

How to Create a Google Voice – Google features are experiencing very rapid development following technological developments in the digital era. In fact, currently there is Google technology, namely voice assistant.

This sound detector is Google’s design which has become the best achievement ever. As time goes by, Google voices can be created easily using several tools.

Google Voice is usually created to create video content that contains audio from the Google Translate voice. Surely you have often seen videos on Instagram or TikTok where the voice is filled with sound of text from Google.

Some people think that creating a Google voice is very complicated and requires additional applications. However, here we will discuss how to make a Google voice without an application like on TikTok, WhatsApp, Instagram very easily.

Are you curious about the tutorial? Read the article below carefully.

How to make Google Voice without an application on your cellphone

You can also make Google voices without an application on your cellphone easily, you know. Namely with the help of the site This site is often used by TikTok and Instagram content creators, and I’m sure this Gogole sound is what you’re looking for.

To know how to create Google voice without an app, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your cellphone and visit the site via the browser you have on your cellphone.
  2. In the column section, Type the word or sentence that you want to convert into a Google voice.
  3. Furthermore select Indonesian for Google voice later.
  4. After you have finished setting the language, click menu Submit.
  5. how to make google voice in sound of text
  6. Wait a few moments until the conversion process is complete.
  7. how to make google voice on cellphone
  8. Click menu Play Sound to check and test whether the sentence you wrote has changed to Google’s voice or not.
  9. If you want to download it, click download then save it in your cellphone’s default file manager.

How to Make Google Voice without Application on PC

To apply how to create Google voices without an application with Google Translate, you need to use a PC or computer. Follow the steps below to easily create a Google voice without needing to use an app.

  1. Open the browser you use on your PC or computer.
  2. In the search field, type Google Translatewait for a moment.
  3. Set the language you will use, for example Indonesiansearch for the country Indonesia and don’t forget to set the language in the translation section to Indonesian too.
  4. Then in the left column, Type the text you want to convert into Google voice. You can type a maximum of 3900 words only. However, if you need more text than that, divide it into several parts first.
  5. If it is already, Press the speaker image to hear the Google voice results from the text you have entered.
  6. To download it, at the bottom there is an Inspect menu. Select the menu
  7. Click menu Network.
  8. Look for the file titled Translate tts.
  9. However, if you have difficulty finding it, double-click the file including media.
  10. Next you will be directed to the audio page.
  11. Download Google voices by clicking Save As.
  12. You can see the download results in the Files section of your PC or computer.

The final word

That’s a brief overview of how to create Google voice without an application via a PC or cellphone.

If you want to use an application, there will probably be lots of recommended applications that can convert sentences into Google sounds. The two sites above are very suitable for you to use if you want to create a Google voice without using additional applications.

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