How to Make Money from a Blog without Capital Quickly

Many people don’t know how to make money from blogs. Most lay people who are not familiar with blogs might think that blogs are just a forum for writers to fill their free time.

Even though blogs are not just a place to write, we can make money from blogs quickly and easily. Unfortunately, many people don’t know about that.

So, how do you make money from a blog?

Don’t worry, because on this occasion I will share my experience on how to make money from free blogs.

Wondering how I do it? Let’s look at the complete explanation below.

How to Make Money from Free Blogs

Everyone can make money from free blogs, even without capital. It’s just that it takes more time, drains your brain and you have to be patient.

Yes, it’s also free, hehee.

But even though it’s free, the opportunity to make money is still wide open. Internet users are also increasing day by day, so opportunities to get traffic organically or via social media are still easy to get.

So, now we go straight to the first step, namely creating a blog. The following are the steps for creating a free blog that makes money.

1. Create a Blog on Blogger

As the title suggests, here I am trying to minimize the costs of creating a blog. So, to earn money from blogs without capital, we can use the blogger platform. Blogger is a platform owned by Google that provides free blog creation.

Here I will not explain how to create a blog, because I have created a guide in the following article → How to Create a Blog that Makes Money.

2. Keyword Research for Articles

After creating a blog, the next step is to prepare keywords to create articles. Why do you need keyword research? The goal is that the articles you create can bring in visitors from the Google search engine.

Do research first, look for keywords that many people search for via Google.

I will give you examples of keywords that are frequently searched for on Google,”Online business without capital“, “How to sell capital online for beginners“, “How to sell on Shopee“.

Collect keywords that many people are looking for, at least 1 week prepare 20 keywords to create an article.

You can do keyword research on the Ubersugsest website and Google Trends. These 2 tools are free to use, I usually research keywords using those 2 websites.

3. Writing Blog Content

Once you have found the keywords you are searching for, continue creating article content on your blog. Create quality articles, meaning the articles are written completely, easy to understand and easy to read for visitors.

Create as many articles as possible, on Blogger there are no restrictions on writing articles, so you can create articles freely to bring in more traffic.

If you have difficulty writing articles, try looking at and reading the 10 articles on page 1 of Google. Read and understand all the articles on page 1, then rewrite them in your own writing style. Remember, don’t copy!

4. Blog Optimization

The struggle of blogging is not just writing articles, a blogger must also be able to optimize his blog so that published articles can appear on the first page of Google.

There are 2 types of blog optimization, namely On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. I will not explain how to optimize a blog here, because the explanation will be very long.

So, for ways to optimize your blog, you can search on Google, or you can read the following article → How to Increase Blog Position on Google.

5. Get traffic

Once the 4 points above are done correctly and consistently, traffic or visitors will definitely come to your blog.

The more visitors who see the article content on your blog, the greater the opportunity to earn money from the blog.

Surely you are still thinking about how to make money from your own blog? So, for an explanation of how to make money from blogs, read the explanation of blogger income sources below.

What are the Sources of Income from Blogs?

Many people think and don’t know where their income from blogging comes from.

Before I became a blogger like now, I thought like that, seeing friends from vocational school creating blogs and being able to earn more money for snacks made me curious.

And after finding out, it turns out that there are many sources of income that you can get from a blog. Lucky to be able to know blogs and be a blogger until now.

Here are several sources of income from blogs that are quick and easy to get.

1. Google Adsense

The first source of income for bloggers is Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the most popular source of income for bloggers.

The way it works is to place Google Adsense ads on your blog. If a visitor clicks on the Adsense ad, you will get paid. The pay per click varies depending on the advertiser’s budget for the ad.

If you want to earn money from your blog for every visit, Adsense is also an advertising service that pays for every visit, provided the ad is displayed or visible on the blog.

How to get money from Google Adsense blogs from each visit will be calculated per thousand impressions (RPM). Therefore, focus on increasing traffic first to get high income from Adsense.

2. Affiliate

You can do a quick way to make money on a blog by joining an affiliate program.

You will be paid for every person who buys a product through the link you put on the blog page.

The payment is in accordance with the conditions of the affiliate program creator. That’s the affiliate program on Shopee, Blibli and other online sales platforms.

3. Placement Content

Placement content is a source of income that bloggers can get.

What is placement content?

In short, placement content is publishing article content that contains links to other people’s websites/blogs. This term is also known as backlink services, because there are links placed on the article page.

The pay per content placement depends on the quality of the blog, the better the blog you create, the higher the pay.

The blog itself opens a placement content schedule with a price of around IDR 100,000 – 150,000.

4. Open Services

From the blog, you can open services according to your expertise. For example, if you are an expert in writing articles, try opening an article writing service. Create a special page for price information for article writing services complete with contact numbers that can be contacted.

I myself from the blog have opened 3 services, namely article writing services, blog creation services and backlink services.

5. Selling Products

You can earn money from a personal blog by selling products, either homemade products or helping promote other people’s products.

Create article content that is still related to the product you are going to sell, don’t forget to do keyword research so that the opportunity to sell the product will be easier to sell.

For example, the product you are selling is school bags, then you can create an article with the title “Tips for choosing a comfortable school bag for elementary school children“.

End of Deed

That’s information on how to make money from blogs that I can share with you. Actually, there are still many sources of income that you can get from blogs, but the sources of income that I mentioned above are more than enough to make money from blogs.

Create a blog and consistently write articles for at least 1 year to get stable traffic, so that you can enjoy income from the blog every month.

That’s all, hopefully it’s useful.

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