How to Make a Wattpad Cover in Photoshop, Canva, PicsArt

Hello bro and sis, on this occasion I will share a tutorial article on how to make your own Wattpad cover with good and attractive results, assisted by using Photoshop, Canva and PicsArt applications.

In this internet era, there are lots of things you can do online. One interesting activity is writing stories on Wattpad.

Talking about writing on Wattpad, writers are advised to create a cover for the Wattpad story they want to publish.

Wattpad covers are very useful for attracting the attention of other Wattpad users, this way there will be many opportunities for your Wattpad story to be read and voted for.

Therefore, you have to learn to make your own Wattpad cover. Read more below.

How to Make Your Own Wattpad Cover

Now we will try to learn to make a cover or cover photo for Wattpad. As I said before, here I use 2 different applications, namely Photoshop and Canva.

I chose this application so that you can make Wattpad covers from cellphones and laptops.

Actually, there are many applications that can be used to make Wattpad covers, such as PicsArt, Phonto, Pixlr, Live Split Camera, Book Cover Maker by Desygner for Wattpad and eBooks, etc.

Oh yes, here we will try to make a Wattpad book cover, and the right size is 512px x 800px.

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OK, now let’s try making it with 2 applications to make the most popular Wattpad cover at the moment.

How to Make a Wattpad Cover in Photoshop

As we already know, Photoshop is a program designed to create, edit and save images in various image formats.

With Photoshop we can create image designs, for example covers for Wattpad books. The size of the Wattpad cover in Photoshop is 512px x 800px, Here are the steps on how to make it.

  1. First open the Photoshop application.
  2. Then click menu FilesNew.
  3. Create a new Wattpad cover in Photoshop
  4. After that a new window will appear. Select Custom size then fill in the “Width 512” and “Height 800” sections, don’t forget to use the “Pixels” format. If so, click the “Create” button.
  5. Wattpad book cover size
  6. Please start designing your Wattpad book cover, starting from choosing the background color.
  7. background cover wattpad
  8. Fill in the text and image elements according to the Wattpad story you created. The image below is only an example, you can search for design ideas on the internet.
  9. Wattpad cover design in Photoshop
  10. When you have finished designing, just save it in JPEG or PNG image format. Click menu FilesSave.
  11. save wattpad photoshop cover
  12. Select the PNG format and finally click the “Save” button.
  13. Save Wattpad Photoshop cover image
  14. Finished.

How to Make a Wattpad Cover in Canva

Canva is an online graphic design tool that is currently trending. With Canva, users can create various poster designs, banners, greeting cards, invitations, video stories and much more.

Canva also provides various free designs for its users. Wattpad cover designs are now available, there are many choices that you can use there.

And you don’t need to adjust the size of the Wattpad cover in Canva, because there is already a template with a size that has been adjusted by Canva. So all you have to do is create the design, okay, just go straight to the tutorial.

  1. First visit
  2. Please register or log in using a Google account to make it faster.
  3. Make a Wattpad cover in Canva
  4. In the search field, type “wattpad”, a list of cool Wattpad cover designs will appear. You can also choose the “Free” category so that all the Wattpad covers displayed are free.
  5. Choose a Wattpad cover design on Canva
  6. The following is a design for making a Wattpad cover in Canva that I have worked on. This design uses the “RULER FOR ROMANCE” template, I only changed the background color, text and vector image elements.
  7. Wattpad cover on Canva
  8. After you have finished creating the cover design, the final step is to download the image to the gallery. Click the button Downloads → select format PNG → then click Downloads.
  9. save wattpad cover from canva
  10. Finished.

Examples of Wattpad Cover Design Ideas from Canva

Here are some Wattpad cover designs that I took from Canva.

example of a wattpad book cover
Wattpad cover design ideas
Wattpad cover design ideas

How to Make a Wattpad Cover on PicsArt

PicsArt is a photo or image editing application that is often used by Android users. The features in PicsArt are very sophisticated, so we can make any image cooler.

On PicsArt you can also create a good and attractive Wattpad Cover because it contains filters that can be used with just one tap. Wondering how to use it? Following are the steps.

  1. Open the PicsArt application on your cellphone.
  2. Select menu ‘Drawings
  3. Then select ‘Pick Canvas‘ and select ‘Custom Size‘.
  4. Make measurements 512 x 800 pixels.
  5. Click Photo icon to insert a photo cove.
  6. Give the title of the main story on the Wattpad cover, use the appropriate font type and size.
  7. Also add cool filters and overlays to photos to make them look dramatic.
  8. Once finished editing, click arrow which is in the top right corner.
  9. Choose Save to save the Wattpad cover image to the gallery.
  10. Finished.

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The final word

That’s the article about how to make an attractive Wattpad cover that I can share. You can design a Wattpad book cover as attractive as possible in Photoshop or Canva. Look for cover design ideas on Canva or other applications such as Pinterest.

That’s enough, good luck trying to make your own Wattpad cover.

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