How to Master Annie Mid in Wild Rift: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Master Annie Mid in Wild Rift: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to dominate the mid lane in Wild Rift as Annie? Look no further. This comprehensive guide will teach you the ropes and help you master this powerful mage.

1. Understand Annie’s Abilities

Before diving into games, make sure you understand Annie’s abilities. Her Passive, Pyromania, grants her a stun after casting four spells. This stun is the key to securing kills and controlling team fights. Familiarize yourself with her other abilities, such as Disintegrate (Q), Incinerate (W), Molten Shield (E), and Summon: Tibbers (R).

2. Farm Effectively

As Annie, it’s crucial to farm well to accumulate gold and experience. Focus on last-hitting minions while harassing your opponent with your abilities. A well-farmed Annie can quickly become a powerhouse in the mid-lane.

3. Ward and Map Awareness

Keep an eye on the minimap and utilize wards to avoid ganks. Annie is relatively immobile, making her vulnerable to enemy junglers. Always ward river bushes or ask your support to help you ward for added safety.

4. Utilize your Stun

Mastering the timing and usage of Annie’s stun is crucial for successful engagements. Look for opportunities to stun high-value targets with your abilities combo. This can turn the tide of team fights and secure kills for your team.


By understanding Annie’s abilities, farming effectively, having map awareness, and utilizing her stun, you can become a formidable force in the mid-lane. Practice your mechanics, analyze your gameplay, and strive for improvement. Only through dedication and perseverance will you truly master Annie Mid in Wild Rift. Good luck!

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