How to Master Aurelion Sol in Wild Rift: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Master Aurelion Sol in Wild Rift: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Master Aurelion Sol in Wild Rift: A Comprehensive Guide

Aurelion Sol is a powerful Mage champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. With his unique playstyle and devastating abilities, mastering Aurelion Sol can make a significant impact on your games. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover the key aspects of playing Aurelion Sol and provide useful tips to help you dominate the game.

Understanding Aurelion Sol’s Abilities

Aurelion Sol’s abilities revolve around manipulating stars to deal damage and control the battlefield. His passive ability, Center of the Universe, allows him to continuously deal damage in a circular area around himself. Understanding the positioning and range of this ability is crucial for maximizing damage output.

His Q ability, Starsurge, sends out a long-range star that deals damage and stuns enemies upon returning. Mastering the timing and aiming of this ability is essential for winning trades and setting up kills.

Celestial Expansion, Aurelion Sol’s W ability, increases the range and damage of his stars. Activating this ability provides consistent damage output during fights and when pushing lanes. Properly managing the low cooldown of this ability helps control the wave and pressure the enemy team.

Aurelion Sol’s E ability, Comet of Legend, allows him to fly faster and gain increased movement speed. It is crucial for mobility and roaming, granting him the ability to impact other lanes and secure objectives efficiently.

Tips to Master Aurelion Sol

– Farm effectively using Celestial Expansion to clear waves quickly and put pressure on your opponent.

– Prioritize positioning to ensure maximum damage output from Center of the Universe and Starsurge.

– Coordinate with your team to roam and secure objectives effectively. Aurelion Sol’s Comet of Legend can provide vital assistance in these situations.

– Take advantage of Aurelion Sol’s long-range abilities to poke enemies and trade damage safely.

– Build items that enhance Aurelion Sol’s AP (Ability Power) and mana sustain to maximize his damage potential.


Aurelion Sol is a unique champion that offers incredible damage potential and utility on the battlefield in Wild Rift. By understanding his abilities and mastering his playstyle, you can dominate games and impact the outcome in your favor. Remember, practice and game experience will help you refine your skills with Aurelion Sol, so don’t be afraid to jump into matches and experiment with different strategies. Good luck!

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