How to Master Khazix's Abilities in Wild Rift

Mastering Khazix’s Abilities in Wild Rift

How to Master Khazix’s Abilities in Wild Rift


Khazix, the Voidreaver, is a deadly assassin in League of Legends: Wild Rift. With his evolving abilities and immense damage potential, mastering Khazix can give you an edge over your opponents. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to maximize Khazix’s abilities to dominate the game.

1. Taste Their Fear (Passive)

Khazix’s passive ability, Taste Their Fear, enhances his basic attacks after casting an ability. Utilize this by weaving in your basic attack between your abilities to maximize damage output. This makes Khazix an excellent champion for trading blows during skirmishes.

2. Void Spikes (Q)

Void Spikes provides Khazix with ranged poke and wave-clearing capabilities. Aim to hit multiple targets with Void Spikes to maximize damage. Additionally, evolving this ability allows Khazix to fire three spikes instead of one, greatly increasing his burst potential in team fights.

3. Leap (W)

Leap is Khazix’s mobility tool, allowing him to engage or disengage from fights quickly. Mastering the usage of Leap is key to positioning yourself effectively. It can be used for surprise attacks or to escape dangerous situations. Consider evolving this ability to gain increased range and reset cooldown on champion takedowns.

4. Void Assault (E)

Void Assault is Khazix’s ultimate ability, providing him with stealth and increased movement speed for a brief duration. Use this ability to flank enemies or escape when caught out. Remember to activate it during fights to gain temporary invisibility, which can be a game-changer in certain situations.


To master Khazix’s abilities in Wild Rift, it is essential to understand how each ability works and synergizes with others. Practice utilizing Taste Their Fear to enhance basic attacks, aim Void Spikes for maximum target hits, utilize Leap to engage or disengage strategically, and make effective use of Void Assault for surprise plays. Evolving abilities should be considered based on the game state and enemy team composition. With practice, you can become a formidable assassin, dominating the Rift with Khazix’s deadly potential.

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