How to Master Yu Zhong's Build: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Master Yu Zhong’s Build: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Master Yu Zhong’s Build: A Comprehensive Guide

Yu Zhong is one of the powerful fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, possessing high damage and strong sustainability. By mastering his build, you can dominate the battlefield with ease. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to master Yu Zhong’s build.

1. Understanding Yu Zhong’s Abilities

Before building Yu Zhong, it is crucial to understand his abilities. His passive, Dragon’s Arm, increases his attack power while in dragon form. His first skill, Cursing Touch, deals damage and slows enemies. The second skill, Soul Grip, can immobilize enemies and deal damage. Lastly, his ultimate, Furious Dive, lets him transform into a dragon, gaining additional effects on his abilities.

2. Building Core Items

The core items for Yu Zhong include Bloodlust Axe, Queen’s Wings, and Brute Force Breastplate. Bloodlust Axe enhances his sustainability, while Queen’s Wings offers additional attack power and protection. Brute Force Breastplate provides extra HP, physical defense, and movement speed.

3. Choosing Rotational Items

Depending on the situation, you can choose different rotational items for Yu Zhong. Items like Endless Battle, Blade of Despair, or Blade Armor can be effective, based on the enemy team composition and your team’s strategy.

4. Emblem and Battle Spell

For Yu Zhong’s emblem, use the Custom Fighter Emblem. Prioritize the Bravery talent to increase your physical attack. Regarding the battle spell, Flicker or Aegis are generally recommended. Flicker helps you escape or initiate battles, while Aegis provides additional protection.


Mastering Yu Zhong’s build requires a deep understanding of his abilities and selecting appropriate items based on the situation. Focus on enhancing his attack power, sustainability, and protection. Utilize his dragon form and abilities effectively to dominate the battlefield. With consistent practice and experimentation, you will become a formidable force with Yu Zhong.

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