How to Pin WhatsApp Chats on the Latest iPhone

Want to pin or embed a WA chat on your iPhone but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, on this occasion I will share a tutorial on how to embed WhatsApp chat on iPhone.

WhatsApp is the most popular conversation application currently. Now WhatsApp is getting more sophisticated, it has many features that can make it easier to use, one of the features is pin chat or pin chat.

Chat pin is a feature in WhatsApp that allows users to set their favorite chats or conversations at the top of the main chat list. With this feature, users can easily access the chats they frequently use without having to search for them among other chats.

Embedding chat is really needed in a conversation application. When you have an interest in someone or a WhatsApp group and you have to respond to the chat quickly, this feature will be very helpful.

Especially for online business people who often chat with important people and carry out transactions via WhatsApp chat, there will definitely be a lot of conversations coming in every day.

WhatsApp Chat Pin Function

The WhatsApp chat pin feature on the iPhone allows users to pin an important chat to the top of the chat list.

Users can place a maximum of 3 pins in private chats and group chats. Pinned chats will have a Pin mark on the right.

When pinned, the chat will always be displayed at the top, it will not be moved even if the newest chat comes in. That way, you don’t need to bother scrolling and searching for conversations all the way down.

Of course, this will make it easier and faster to reply to chats with people you think are important.

Increasingly curious about how to do it? Come on, let’s just look at the following steps on how to pin WhatsApp chat on iPhone.

How to Pin WA Chat on iPhone

The way to pin WA chat on iPhone is almost the same as Android, in fact I think it’s easier and faster. Here are the steps on how to pin a WA chat on iPhone:

How to pin WhatsApp chat on iPhone
  1. Open the app WhatsApp.
  2. Search and select chat wa that you want to pin to the top.
  3. Swipe right in the chat section.
  4. Then select Pin it.
  5. Now you have successfully pinned the conversation to the top of the chat list.

Notes: Don’t swipe the chat all the way to the right, because this can change the action, what happens is that the message will be marked as read or unread. So, swipe a little until you see the pin or embed button.

How to Unpin WA Chat on iPhone

Users can also unpin a chat that has been pinned, here are the steps:

  1. Swipe right in the chat section that is being pinned.
  2. Then select Unpin.
  3. Chat WA will drop down according to the last date of chat.

Is there a way to pin more than 3 WA chats on iPhone?

The answer is you can’t. This chat pin feature is limited to only 3 chat pins by WhatsApp, both on Android and iPhone devices. This rule is not only for ordinary WhatsApp, it also applies to WhatsApp business.

When you want to pin more than 3 WA chats, a warning will appear “You can only pin up to 3 chats”. Like the picture below.

There can be more than 3 WhatsApp chat pins

So, to make time for another WhatsApp chat, you need to release one of the 3 pinned chats first.

The final word

That’s how to embed a WhatsApp chat on an iPhone, it’s very easy, isn’t it? it’s easy to follow without any problems.

The pin chat feature on WhatsApp is very useful when you want to prioritize someone in the chat list.

If you feel it is no longer very important, you can also unpin chats that have been pinned. The method is as I have explained above.

OK, that’s all for this iPhone tutorial article, I hope it helps!

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