How to Place Ads on Blogger (Adsense and Banners)

Becoming a blogger is not just a writer who publishes his writing for free, of course the future goal is to earn income. One way to earn income from bloggers is by placing advertisements on blogs.

However, it turns out that there are still many bloggers who do not take advantage of placing advertisements on their blogs, either because they are not interested in advertising or simply cannot place advertisements.

Placing independent banner ads or becoming a publisher are advertisements that earn quite high income, in fact they continue to increase along with increasing traffic.

So, on this occasion, will share how to place advertisements on blogger. Let’s look at the tutorial below.

How to Place Ads on Blogger

How to place advertisements on Blogger is actually very easy, but many beginner bloggers cannot place certain types of advertisements. Examples are Maniri banner ads, Adsense ads, MGID ads or other advertising providers.

Installation is difficult because you don’t understand how to register and apply advertising on a blog. In this article, I will share how to place Adsense ads and independent banner ads only, because if you already know these two ways to place other ads, you can definitely do it too.

How to Place Adsense Ads on Blogger

There are two ways you can place Adsense ads, the first way is through the Adsense wdiget which is provided in the Blogger Layout menu. And the second one uses the Adsense ad code script which you can get on Google Adsense.

The method I will share is the second method, because we can place advertisements in any layout, freely.

And to place Adsense ads, you have to register as a publisher and be accepted by Adsense. Here the author considers you I have registered and been approved to become an Adsense publisher.

So, what I will write are the steps on how to place Adsense ads only. Follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your Adsense account via the following link
  2. After logging in, select menu Advertisement then click menu By ad unit.
  3. Google AdSense ads
  4. There are 4 types of ads available. The method for installing it is the same for everyone, but here I will give an example of placing the Adsense ad with the highest income, namely Display Advertising.
  5. create google adsense ads
  6. The ad adjustment page will appear. Give the ad unit a name, for example “Bottom Menu Ads“. Then select the ad size Responsive only, so that ads can adjust their size automatically on various devices. If so, click the button Save.
  7. create google adsense banner ads
  8. Copy and save all the ad code you just created, then click Finished.
  9. google adsense ad code
  10. Go to the blogger dashboard and enter the menu Layout. Please select the ad location and add a gadget HTML/JavaScript.
  11. Place Google AdSense ads on Blogger
  12. Paste all the Adsense ad code that you previously copied. Click SAVE to complete the Adsense ad installation.
  13. Place Google AdSense ads on Blogger
  14. Finished.

How to Place Banner Ads on Blogs

The method is not much different from the method above, by using the HTML/JavaScipt widget in the Layout menu we can add any type of advertising script, including banner ads.

To place banner ads you must prepare:

  • Web URL (optional)
  • Ad banner URL

You can get the ad banner URL by uploading an image in the article. For example, I upload an image or advertising banner like the following.

how to place banner ads on a blog

I have got the URL of the ad banner above, here is the URL. 

Here are the steps for placing banner ads on Blogger:

  1. Open the Blogger dashboard.
  2. Click the Layout menu.
  3. Select the location where the banner will be installed, then click Add Gadget.
  4. Select adding the HTML/Javascript gadget.
  5. Copy all the ad code scripts below.
  6." rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" />

    Replace the yellow URL with the customer’s web address and replace the aqua URL to change the appearance of the ad image.

  7. After that click Save.
  8. Finished.

The final word

That’s the easiest tutorial on how to place ads on Blogger that you can follow. After knowing and trying to place advertisements using the method above, in the future, if you want to place advertisements from other advertising providers, you can definitely do it easily.

OK, that’s it for this blogger tutorial article, I hope it can help.

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