How to Quickly Delete WA Stickers Saved in Favorites

Don’t know how to delete saved WA stickers? Don’t worry, in this article I will share a tutorial for deleting stickers in the WhatsApp application that are saved in favorites. Read more below.

Whatsapp is a messaging application that allows users to exchange messages without SMS fees, to use it you just need to use an internet data package.

The WhatsApp application currently has a sticker feature like the LINE application. It is not surprising that WhatsApp is increasingly popular and popular with smartphone users for sharing messages.

Many applications for making WhatsApp stickers are now appearing, both web-based and mobile applications. There are also those who use Telegram bots and WhatsApp bots to make stickers.

WhatsApp stickers can be made for free and are unlimited.

After using WhatsApp for a long time, maybe you have lots of WA stickers saved, whether sent by friends, homemade stickers or from sticker making applications such as

Now you are thinking about deleting the WA sticker collection, because maybe you no longer need it.

Therefore, I want to share here how to delete it. Below is an explanation and steps to quickly remove WA stickers.

How to Quickly Delete Saved WA Stickers

WhatsApp users can delete saved WA stickers made by themselves, sent by friends, from Stickerly and various other sources. All stickers are free to delete and save as desired.

Here are the steps for removing WA stickers:

  1. First open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Open a WA message from someone.
  3. Next tap emote icon (😀) which is in the bottom left corner.
  4. open whatsapp chat
  5. In the bottom menu you will see 3 icons, namely Emoticons, GIFs and Stickers. Please select the menu Decal to see the stickers on your WhatsApp.
  6. open the WhatsApp sticker menu
  7. Then select star icon (⭐) to quickly view and delete all favorite stickers on WA.
  8. Select the WhatsApp favorite sticker menu
  9. For how to delete it tap and hold a sticker that you want to delete, a confirmation pop up will appear, please select it WIPE.
  10. delete whatsapp stickers from favorites

Until step 6, the stickers stored in favorites have been successfully deleted. This method can only delete stickers one by one, so you cannot delete WA stickers in your favorites all at once.

How to delete WA stickers at once

  1. Open the latest WhatsApp application.
  2. Open a message from someone, whoever it is, then tap the emoji button (😀) and select the sticker icon in the bottom menu.
  3. Tap the button Plus “+” Then enter the menu My Stickers.
  4. Next select trash can icon (delete icon) on the sticker you want to delete.
  5. Stickers will be removed 1 package at a time.

Please note that this method of deleting WhatsApp stickers at once only applies to stickers that are made in large quantities (1 package).

How to Delete Stickers in WhatsApp Chat

Deleting WhatsApp stickers in WhatsApp chat is the same as deleting chat messages in the form of text or photos.

Here’s how to delete WhatsApp stickers in chat:

  1. Open someone’s WhatsApp message that you want to delete.
  2. Tap and hold the WhatsApp sticker. You can also delete lots of WA stickers at once, just select all the stickers visible in the message.
  3. Tap Delete (trash icon at the top) > please select DELETE FOR ME or DELETE FOR EVERYONE.

The final word

That’s the discussion on how to delete WA stickers stored in favorites and in WhatsApp chat. The method above also applies to iPhone users, maybe the appearance is slightly different but the method remains the same.

As explained, you can only delete stickers one by one in the favorites menu, currently WhatsApp itself does not yet provide a feature for deleting WhatsApp stickers all at once in favorites.

That’s the tutorial article about WhatsApp this time, hopefully it can help.

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