How to Re-Verify BCA Mobile in the About Menu

How to Re-Verify BCA Mobile – The existence of the BCA mobile application really helps customers to carry out transactions, check balances, check mutations and much more. Therefore, customers are strongly advised to activate BCA mobile banking.

How to activate and verify it is very easy! To activate it, just go to the nearest BCA ATM and register for M Banking via the ATM machine.

A few days ago I asked for re-verification of the BCA mobile application because it had an error “191 – Data does not match. Please re-verify BCA mobile via the about menu“.

Another user described experiencing an error “101 – The SIM card used is not suitable. Please use the SIM card used during activation or re-verify via the BCA Mobile Re-Verify feature in the About menu“.

This error message makes the BCA mobile application inaccessible. This may happen because the application does not read the cellphone number properly, therefore it is necessary to re-verify via SMS to the cellphone number.

Then I did the verification again by following the steps until the verification was successful, it turned out to be very easy and I didn’t experience any errors. No need to reinstall or delete application data.

How do I do it? Check out the discussion on how to re-verify BCA mobile via the about menu below.

How to Re-Verify BCA Mobile in the About Menu

Previously, make sure your cellphone is connected to the internet smoothly and has credit to send verification SMS. The cellphone number card used for verification must also be in slot 1.

Also prepare a BCA ATM card because later you have to enter the 16 digit BCA ATM card number.

If everything is ready, just follow the steps on how to re-verify BCA mobile in the about menu below:

  1. Open the latest BCA Mobile application.
  2. Tap the about icon (i) on the top right side.
  3. Then tap the button Re-Verify.
  4. re-verify BCA Mobile
  5. Insert 16 digit number listed on your BCA ATM card, then click OK.
  6. The SMS application will open automatically and be filled with a message template to send verification SMS, tap Send to send verification SMS.
  7. send BCA Mobile verification SMS
  8. Go back to the BCA mobile application then create an access code to log in. The access code can be the same as before or just create a new one.
  9. Create a new BCA Mobile access code
  10. After successfully re-verifying, you will be directed to the m-BCA main menu page. Please use BCA mobile as usual.

Causes of Failed BCA Mobile Verification

Octoberbe some of you have experienced failed BCA mobile verification, so here are some of the reasons you need to know.

1. The BCA Mobile application has not been updated

Applications that have expired can also be the cause of failed BCA mobile re-verification. Because bugs or errors could appear.

Every application used online is generally continuously updated to a better version, also for security and to overcome bugs. Moreover, payment applications such as BCA mobile must be updated regularly.

2. Don’t have regular credit

To verify BCA mobile, you need to use credit, so make sure you top up your credit first before verifying.

3. Internet connection is not smooth

Apart from credit, the internet connection must also be good and stable, don’t let the internet disappear during the verification process. In my experience, it’s best to just use an internet connection from your cellphone. I’ve tried using WiFi, even though it’s smooth, it keeps failing.

4. Use of Dual SIM

Another cause could be due to dual SIM usage, BCA mobile failed to send verification SMS to the server because there were 2 cellphone numbers available.

If your cellphone uses dual SIM, you should deactivate SIM 2, if necessary, remove SIM 2 first. And make sure the card or cellphone number that will be used for verification is installed in slot 1.

Safe Tips for BCA Mobile Re-Verification

The following are some safe tips for verifying on BCA Mobile:

1. Download the official app

Make sure you only download the BCA Mobile application from official sources, such as Google Play Store or App Store. Avoid downloading applications from unknown sources, as they can be potentially suspicious and pose a risk to the security of your data.

2. Update the app regularly

Make sure you always use the latest version of BCA Mobile. Update your app regularly to ensure your security is maintained, as updates often include important security fixes.

3. Keep personal information confidential

When verifying at BCA Mobile, make sure to keep your personal information confidential. Don’t share your PIN, password or other personal data with others. BCA will never ask for your personal information via email, telephone or text message.

4. Use a secure connection

Make sure you use a secure internet connection when using BCA Mobile. Avoid using unencrypted public Wi-Fi networks, as this can allow irresponsible parties to access your data. It is better to use a safe and reliable cellular network or Wi-Fi network.

5. Enable additional security features

BCA Mobile provides several additional security features, such as using a PIN or fingerprint to access the application. Enable this security feature to keep data safe and prevent unauthorized access.

6. Check transaction history regularly

Always check your transaction history periodically to monitor for suspicious activity. If you find any unauthorized or suspicious transactions, immediately report them to the bank for further action.

7. Keep your device secure

Make sure your device is equipped with adequate security protection, such as antivirus and firewall. Always update your device’s operating system and applications with the latest versions to address known security vulnerabilities.

8. Be careful of phishing and fraud

Be alert to phishing attempts and scams that try to obtain your personal or confidential information. Don’t click on suspicious links or respond to emails, text messages, or calls asking for sensitive information.

The final word

Those are the steps for re-verifying BCA mobile in the about menu, now you can log in and access all the services in the BCA mobile application.

Apart from the method above, you can also re-verify by deleting the BCA application first then reinstalling it with a newer version of the application. Or you can also delete all BCA application data first and then re-register.

If you have done all the methods but the verification has not been successful, you should come to the nearest BCA office and ask customer service for help, just say that the BCA mobile application has an error.

That’s all, I hope this article helps.

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