How to read Wattpad without logging in to Google

There are several people asking on the internet whether there is a way to read Wattpad without logging in to Google?

After I thought about it and tried it, it turns out that we can read stories on Wattpad without logging in and registering an account, how do you do it? Watch the tutorial until the end.

Most story service sites out there require all users to log in if they want to read stories that have been published, but Wattpad is not like that. All internet users are free to read stories or novels that are available for free.

And maybe many of you don’t know about this, that’s why you came to this article. But luckily I already know how, so you can read without registering a Wattpad account first.

OK, maybe you can’t wait how to do it, so let’s get straight to the tutorial.

How to read Wattpad without logging in

First, I want to tell you that this method can be used from a cellphone or laptop, because the method I will share only requires a browser and internet connection to open the story.

Here are the steps on how to read Wattpad without logging in to Google:

  1. First open the browser Chromeon your cellphone or laptop.
  2. open the google chrome browser
  3. In Google search please type “Wattpad story” then enter to start searching.
  4. A list of Wattpad stories that have been published will appear, you can choose the story that you think is interesting.
  5. For example, the keyword “Wattpad story” in the image below, I will see a story from the Noveldewasa account (This is just an example, an example).
  6. type wattpad stories in the search field
  7. On the Noveldewasa account, it turns out that several stories have been created. So I chose a story entitled I’m (Not) Then Only One.
  8. Select the Wattpad story you want to read
  9. Without needing to log in, we can immediately read the Wattpad story.
  10. wattpad story im not the only one
  11. We can also see a list of chapters in the story. OK so I will try to read the story in Chapter 4.
  12. Wattpad story chapter list
  13. So, as shown in the picture below, the results are that Wattpad stories can be read directly without logging in first.
  14. read wattpad stories
  15. Done, you can read as many free Wattpad stories as you like.

Octoberbe you can try some of the Wattpad story keywords below:

  • romantic wattpad stories
  • best wattpad stories
  • sad wattpad story
  • Wattpad story sad ending
  • Wattpad story about arranged marriage
  • or Wattpad 21++ story Ena Ena

Disadvantages of Reading Wattpad without Account Login

Reading without logging in to Wattpad is a fairly detrimental activity. Why? Because you can’t save and delete stories in the Wattpad reading list.

You also cannot contribute to the author, such as commenting and voting on Wattpad stories. In fact, writers really need such support so that they can be more active in writing their writing.

1 more, reading Wattpad using a browser will be slightly disturbed by notifications floating below, these notifications cannot be closed or hidden.

Wattpad only tries to tell readers to log in to make reading stories more comfortable.

The final word

Those are my tips on how to read Wattpad without logging in. My message is that even though we can read stories on Wattpad without logging in first, it’s better for us to create a Wattpad account, maybe with a Facebook account so that the registration process is faster.

That way we can appreciate it by making positive comments and voting on writers on Wattpad.

That’s all for this article, thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope it’s useful.

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