How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone without Application

On this occasion I will share how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone without using additional applications.

WhatsApp became the most popular online messaging application after technological advances in ordinary telephone devices turned into smartphones (smartphones).

There are lots of features in the application, not just for sharing text messages. Other features such as creating WhatsApp status, sending stickers, images, videos, voice calls and video calls.

All important features in the WhatsApp application are currently still free to use, only requiring an internet quota to connect with other WhatsApp users.

Even though it has lots of cool features, unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t have a voice recording feature when making voice calls.

Even though voice calls can be very important to record, sometimes users want to record the voice because they are afraid of forgetting or it could also be as evidence of a problem.

For Android users, it may be easy to record WhatsApp voice because it already has a special built-in application for recording internal and external sound.

Meanwhile, the iPhone currently does not have a built-in application for recording internal sound only. So it’s difficult to record WhatsApp voice calls on iPhone.

So, are there any tricks we can do to record WhatsApp telephone conversations on iPhone? The answer is yes. Read more below.

Enable the iPhone Screen and Sound Recorder Feature

Before going to the tutorial for recording WhatsApp telephone calls, there are several settings that you need to set so that it will be easier to record WhatsApp telephone conversations later.

Following are the iPhone settings that you must follow.

  1. Open the app Arrangement iPhones.
  2. Search and select the menu Control Center.
  3. Next, please open it Customize Controls.
  4. Here we will set the features Screen Recording appears in Control Center (so it’s easy to activate it). So, please add the Screen Recording option so that it appears on Control Center.
  5. WA telephone recorder on iPhone


Up to this step you have successfully added the iPhone screen recording feature to the Control Center. Next is how to record WhatsApp phone screen and sound.

How to Record WhatsApp Calls on iPhone

The method that I will share with you about recording WhatsApp phone sound on your iPhone is actually very simple, you don’t need to install any additional applications. Just use the existing features.

The feature I mean is the iPhone screen recording feature. With this feature we can record all screen activity, internal and external sound.

If you think about it, it’s better to use this feature to record WhatsApp, because there are visuals too, right?

So, the tutorial on how to record a WA phone is as follows.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone.
  2. Call WhatsApp to someone until the call is connected.
  3. make whatsapp calls on iphone
  4. Activate the iPhone recording feature by swipe the bottom of the screen towards the top. Then page Control Center will open.
  5. In the Control Center you will see a Screen Recording icon. Please touch and hold the Screen Recording icon.
  6. Activate the iPhone recording feature
  7. To record WhatsApp calls on your iPhone you must activate the microphone First, just press the microphone icon to activate it.
  8. activate the iPhone microphone
  9. The next step is to press write Start Recording. If recording is active, a red band will appear at the top of the screen until recording continues.
  10. start recording whatsapp phone
  11. To end the WhatsApp screen and call recording, touch Stop Recording or Red Ribbon at the top of the screenthen the recording session will end immediately.
  12. Done, the recording file will be saved in video format. To view the recorded video file, please check the application iPhone photo.

In this way, you can also record telephone sound as well as record WhatsApp chats on iPhone. Nice solution right!

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone that you can follow. Hopefully this article can help you record all activities on your iPhone.

Don’t forget to share if this article helps and comment if you have questions about this tutorial!

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