How to Register on Wattpad without Email with Facebook

How to register on Wattpad – Wattpad is a website and application whose content contains stories, novels and other written works. From this platform, you can read many novels for free at the same time.

If you like reading novels online, you are definitely familiar with Wattpad. Of course, because this application has been around for a long time and is very popular with readers and story writers.

Wattpa users can also make money by becoming active novel writers. So, to get started, you can create a Wattpad account to register and become a Wattpad member.

Once you have an account after registering on Wattpad, there are many novel themes that you can read there. Such as horror, humor, classic, romance, action, mystery, spiritual, fiction, fantasy, adventure, classic, and others.

Even one of the novels on Wattpad, Mariposa, has been read by 90.6 million readers.

Favorite novels like this are often adapted to the big screen. So it’s more curious not to join Wattpad.

Just follow how to register your Wattpad easily and quickly. Here’s how to create a Wattpad account on a laptop or cellphone.

How to Register for Wattpad on an Android Phone

You can create a Wattpad account from your cellphone via the Wattpad application and website, both of which are equally easy to do. Here I share how to register via the application, here are the steps for registering on Wattpad from your cellphone:

  1. First Download and install Wattpad from Play Store.
  2. After the installation of the Wattpad application is complete, please go straight ahead open the Wattpad application.
  3. When you first open Wattpad you will see account registration. Here you are given 3 options, namely register with Facebook, Google and Email (email).
  4. Well, if it’s here, I’ll try it register via the form, so I filled in all the data for Email, Username, Password and Date of Birth. If everything is filled in, just click the button List.
  5. Register for Wattpad on your cellphone with the application
  6. On the next page you will go through a self-introduction stage such as choosing male or female gender, becoming a writer or reader and others.
  7. Continue until registration is complete.

At this stage, you have successfully created a Wattpad account on your cellphone via the official application.

Register for Wattpad via Facebook without an application

Here are the steps for logging into Wattpad with Facebook:

  1. Please go to the site
  2. Click the Login button, after that you select an option Sign up with Facebook.
  3. Register for Wattpad via Facebook
  4. A pop-up will appear. You just enter your email or cellphone number in the email address or telephone number column, then also enter your Facebook account password. Press the login button.
  5. Login to Wattpad using Facebook
  6. Almost finished, next enter an active email address. This functions so that Wattpad can contact your email to confirm your account and contact you if something happens to your Wattpad account at a later time.

How to Register for Wattpad with Email

In the previous tutorial, register on Wattpad using email via the application, now this time register via the Wattpad website. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official page to create a Wattpad account.
  2. On the Wattpad main page, press the Sign In button.
  3. A pop up appears to enter Wattpad and select the Sign-up option.
  4. Now, in the Join Wattpad section, you select Register with Email.
  5. Enter all personal data such as Username, E-mail, Password and Date of Birth.
  6. Register for Wattpad with email
  7. If so, press the button Register with email.
  8. In this section you are asked to choose whether you want to become Reader or Writer. You can even choose the Robot option.
  9. Choose what gender you are Woman or Man.
  10. You can choose a reading topic that you want to follow on Wattpad.
  11. Press the Start reading button to start reading on Wattpad.
  12. do not forget open the registration email, check your inbox. If not there is a possibility to go to spam folder.
  13. Open an email from Wattpad to confirm Wattpad account You.
  14. Press the button This is me! then the Wattpad account is active forever.
  15. The Wattpad account has been confirmed and will display the message “Success! in your email inbox
  16. Registration is complete.
  17. Please try logging into Wattpad
  18. Enjoy!

At this stage, you have successfully registered for Wattpad on your laptop or cellphone via a browser. So, to make your Wattpad account even more interesting, you can fill it with novel stories that are different from the others.

Can you register on Wattpad without email?

Email is needed to confirm your Wattpad account. This confirmation aims to ensure that your account is not fake and is safer from data theft.

Here it can be concluded that even if you register for Wattpad using Facebook, Wattpad will still ask for an email address.

Registering for Wattpad via Facebook or Email makes no difference. If someone asks whether it is possible to create a Wattpad account without email or not? The answer is no, so prepare your email first before registering on Wattpad.

The final word

That’s a review of how to register on Wattpad without email. So, you can join as a reader or writer via email or without email via social media accounts such as Facebook and Google.

Apart from registering via the website, we can create an account via the Wattpad application which can be downloaded on the Google Play Store for free.

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