How to resize photos in Photoshop so they don't break

How to resize photos in Photoshop? Do you know how? If not, please read this article to the end because it will explain it for you all. Especially those of you who are interested in Phptoshop.

One of the special graphic design software that can be used to edit pixel-based files. For example, a photo you took using a digital camera or smartphone camera.

Reasons to Edit Photos in Photoshop

It’s true, this image editing application has been popular for a long time. Since the days of Windows-based PC technology until now we use smartphones.

The Photoshop application is not only used by beginner or amateur graphic designers. However, those who are experienced and professional in this field still apply it.

This is because Photoshop is quite easy to use the features in it to edit photos. You can also learn Photoshop yourself at home so you can be smarter at editing photos.

Moreover, there is a lot of tutorial information on using Photoshop that you can find online by browsing the internet. The information is not only in the form of articles, but also interesting videos.

You can edit the photo to make it better and more attractive. One thing you can do is resize photos in Photoshop. For those of you who are curious about how, please read the following description.

How to resize photos in Photoshop so they don’t break

Actually, the method is quite easy, for those of you who are already used to using the Photoshop application on your gadget. Usually, Photoshop is applied to personal computers (PCs), laptops or notebooks.

However, in its development, Photoshop can also be used on smartphones or smart phones which are now commonly owned by many people out there. One of them is definitely you who own it.

Before applying it, you must download and install the Phptoshop application on your smartphone. Those of you whose gadgets are based on Android can download it for free at the PlayStore facility.

After successfully downloading and installing it, then you can apply Photoshop to make photo editing easier and more practical. As for how to resize a photo in Photoshop so that it doesn’t break, what you can do is as follows.

  1. Prepare the laptop, then open the Photoshop application that is installed on it. After the main page opens, please click the file menu bar at the top left, then select Open. For more speed, you can press Ctrl + O on the keyboard.
  2. Open the photo you want to resize
  3. Next, please look for the folder where the photo you want to open and edit is located in Phptoshop. After finding the image file, just click on it so it can immediately appear in Photoshop.
  4. Select the photo you want to resize
  5. After that, select the menu bar Image and click Image Size. This feature can be used to resize pixel-based photos. Where the resolution of a photo can be enlarged or reduced as you wish.
  6. Select the image size menu in Photoshop
  7. Next, you can determine the resolution of the photo yourself to enlarge or reduce it. Of course, don’t let the photo image be blurry or cracked, which means the resolution is too low.
  8. resize photos in photoshop
  9. After resizing, don’t forget to save the editing results by pressing Save. That way, the photo you edit will match the desired resolution.

The final word

These are the steps on how to resize photos in Photoshop so they don’t break, easily and quickly. You can practice it right now on your respective gadgets. Once you’ve done that, you can even edit the photo again with Photoshop’s other features.

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