How to Restore a Lost DANA Account

Confused about how to restore a lost DANA account? Relax, here you will find the solution.

As we know, using a digital wallet in today’s online era really helps us in carrying out transactions, everything becomes more practical and efficient. One of them is the DANA digital wallet application which provides fast payment and transfer services.

Reported from the page Suara.comThe number of DANA users throughout Indonesia alone since 2023 has reached more than 100 million, with a growth in the number of users of 90 percent.

And as we know, user accounts on an application are often lost or deleted. Well, this could also happen with the DANA application

Missing here could be the case that the cellphone number registered with DANA is no longer active or lost, in the end the user cannot log in to the DANA application using that account because they cannot get an OTP for verification.

So what is the solution if the DANA account is lost, is there a way to restore the lost DANA account? Of course there must be, DANA must also have thought about this for the future.

So there is 2 solutions what you can do, namely reactivate the DANA number which is lost to the operator’s outlet or change the new number in a way that I will explain below.

Please also note that not all requests to restore your account or change your DANA number can be fulfilled, it all depends on the problem that occurs. For example, changing a new DANA number, some users must continue to activate the old number first.

But there’s no harm in trying, for how to do this, see the following explanation.

How to Restore a Lost DANA Account

OK, the solution or way to restore a lost DANA account that I will share here is to change the DANA number by contacting DANA directly. We can ask for help regarding DANA accounts by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Previously you had to prepare personal data to be sent to customer care DANA, the data that needs to be prepared is:

  • A new cellphone number that has never been registered with the DANA application.
  • The KTP photo matches the one previously used to verify DANA accounts.
  • Selfie photo while holding your KTP.

When everything is ready, proceed to the next step.

  1. Open e-mail, then create a submission email to [email protected].
  2. Subject content “Email Change Mobile Phone Number“.
  3. Attach a photo of your KTP, a selfie while holding your KTP and write down the new cellphone number (the new number has not been registered with DANA).
  4. Wait for an email reply from the admin containing verification questions.
  5. If there is a reply email, reply to all questions with answers that match the DANA account that will be returned.
  6. The admin will reply to ask for approval that you are responsible for changing the cellphone number on the DANA account.
  7. After all verification processes are complete you will receive an SMS from DANA.
  8. replace lost fund numbers
  9. Click the number replacement link, you will be directed to the DANA application.
  10. Enter your FUND PIN.
  11. Done, DANA number replacement was successful.

How to Change DANA Number with a New Number

If you can log in to the DANA application using your DANA account, and then want to change your cellphone number to another cellphone number, please follow the steps below.

  1. Open the DANA application using an active account.
  2. Select menu I in the bottom right corner.
  3. Then select menu Security Settings.
  4. Then select Change Mobile Number.
  5. You will automatically be redirected to a new page with the registered DANA ID information. If you are sure you want to change the number, just click “CHANGE NUMBER“.
  6. Next select Send OTP code to the old cellphone number.
  7. Enter your DANA account PIN.
  8. Enter the OTP code that DANA sent via SMS to the old number.
  9. Enter the new DANA number (DANA ID must be connected to the cellphone number)
  10. Carry out the DANA account security verification process, then tap Next.
  11. Enter the OTP code that DANA sent via SMS to the new number.
  12. A notification will appear confirming the success of changing the DANA number.
  13. Then re-login to your account.
  14. Finished.

The final word

So, you can restore a lost DANA account by contacting customer care DANA, then ask for help reactivating your old DANA account. That’s all from me, I hope this short article can help.

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