How to Save Photos and Videos from WhatsApp to iPhone Gallery

Photos and videos sent in WhatsApp messages are sometimes very important to save and immortalize, therefore you have to know how to save photos or videos from WhatsApp messages.

For iPhone users, media storage such as photos and videos cannot be saved to the gallery automatically. I don’t know why the iPhone doesn’t provide this feature. even though the automatic save feature will make things easier for users.

As far as I know, on Android there is an auto-save to Gallery feature, and there is a setting to turn auto-save on or off.

So how do you save photos and videos from WhatsApp to iPhone Gallery?

Don’t worry, here I will share how. For more details, let’s go straight to the tutorial below.

How to Save Photos and Videos from WhatsApp to iPhone Gallery

The trick I will share is the manual method, meaning you have to save photos or videos to the gallery one by one, not all media can be saved directly to the gallery.

Using the manual method is also useful for saving storage space, because you can choose which photos or videos will be saved to the gallery.

And this method doesn’t require installing additional applications, you can save it directly from the WhatsApp application.

Here are the steps on how to save videos from WhatsApp to iPhone gallery.

  1. First open the application WhatsApp.
  2. Open the WhatsApp message containing the video you want to save to Gallery.
  3. Then press the button Play on the video
  4. video from whatsapp
  5. Next, press the share button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  6. share whatsapp videos
  7. Press options Save to save videos from WhatsApp to iPhone Gallery.
  8. save videos from whatsapp to iphone gallery
  9. Done, the video has been successfully saved to the gallery.

To prove this, please practice the steps to save the video above, then check the gallery on your iPhone to see whether it works or not.

The final word

That’s the trick or how to save photos and videos from WhatsApp to iPhone Gallery without additional applications. Even though the method is still manual, you still get benefits, namely saving storage space and keeping your gallery safe from inappropriate photos or videos.

That’s all for this WhatsApp tutorial on an iPhone, I hope it’s useful.

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