How to Screenshot Samsung M11 without Buttons, Length & Combination

How to screenshot the Samsung M11 can be done easily without even using any additional applications at all. Of course, for those of you who want to take screenshots, you can easily do this with the Samsung M11 device.

There are several ways you can take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M11 cellphone. Starting from using physical buttons, assistant menus and long screenshots. For more details, please see the tutorial below.

How to Screenshot Samsung M11

In this case, you don’t need an application at all because it’s easy to do. Just take advantage of the various features available in the application. For this, you can read the guide below:

1. Screenshot with Key Combination

In this first method, you just need to use the button combination available on the Samsung M11 cellphone. First of all, just determine which page you want to capture the screen using a Samsung cellphone.

Then the next method is sufficient press the “Power Button” then you can immediately press “Volume Down” simultaneously. Next, just wait a few seconds until the screen starts to flash and the cellphone will vibrate.

After you have just released the pressure you have put on it. Automatically, you have successfully captured the screen on a page. If successful, there will be a notification when you have finished taking the screenshot.

What you need to do is swipe the screen from top to bottom to show the notification bar. If you can, just click the “down arrow icon” which is usually in the screenshot notification bar.

If so, various available options will appear there. Later you can choose just one of the “Share, Edit and Delete” options. Then you can just save it and ignore the notification. This simple method can be used from the oldest to the newest version.

2. Screenshot Samsung M11 without Power Button

If you don’t want to try the first method, then this second method could be the solution. In this second method, you just need to use the assistant menu. Because in this method, you don’t need to use the Samsung M11 power button.

The Assistant menu is one of the menus that this version of the Samsung M11 has. This Assistant feature not only provides a screenshot feature but there are various other features. Before doing so, make sure to activate the Assistant Menu first.

If not, you can go to the “Settings” menu then there will be various options. Then there is simply asked to “select Accessibility”. Next you can “select interaction and Dexterity” then you can “and move the slider in the Assistant Menu to the right”.

Then, once it has been activated, a “floating Assistant menu icon” will appear. After that, you can move the Assistant Menu icon according to your wishes. Don’t forget to determine which screen display you want to capture.

The screen display is free, both for display on the main screen and for display within the application. If you have eaten, you can immediately “click on the floating Assistant Menu icon”. Later various buttons will appear after pressing it.

Then you can immediately select Screenshot or Screen Image. Automatically, the cellphone screen will flash. If that’s the case, then the screenshot was successful. Then you can choose various options such as share, delete and save.

3. Long screenshot of Samsung M11

Samsung comes with a long capture feature that can be utilized by various users. Surely many users are wondering how to take this long screenshot. First of all, you can determine what screen you want to capture, then take a screenshot as usual.

Then later you will get a screen image notification via your Samsung cellphone. Later you can just press the “down arrow icon” and you can just “tap once” to get a long screenshot. If so, it will automatically go to the gallery.

Please note that this long screenshot saves more photos than having to capture the screen as usual one by one. Not only on your cellphone, you can also do it on web pages or various other applications.

The final word

There is a feature for taking screenshots or screenshots of the Samsung M11, this makes it easier for users. Even the way to take a screenshot is easy, so anyone can try it straight away.

Hopefully this information about screenshots can help you. Hopefully this article can inspire many people. How? Want to Try?

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