How to See the Electricity Token Number on the Home Meter

In today’s online era, you can charge electricity using electricity tokens, even though it is considered practical, there are still people who are confused about how to see the electricity token number. Electric meters that already use tokens are quite different from the meters of the past. What is the difference between meters? electricity nowadays?

Prepaid Electricity and Postpaid Electricity

Electricity is an important need for everyone, almost all activities currently require electricity, especially as technology continues to develop, with the development of technology it will definitely influence habits in society.

Currently, society is quite dependent on technology, therefore technology and electricity cannot be separated, you need to think about the amount of power used to meet the electricity needs at home, so that you can still meet your electricity needs, it’s time for you to decide whether to use prepaid or postpaid electricity services. , but do you know the difference between the two services?

Even though they look the same, the two services actually have differences, according to their names Postpaid electricity service means you are obliged to pay the bill every month. Postpaid services have been present in Indonesia more or less since 1961, you can freely use electricity according to the amount of power you have used.

Usually the maximum postpaid electricity payment bill is every 20th, if you are late in making a payment you will be fined and even those who cannot pay will be disconnected from the network, perhaps using electricity without control can result in electricity costs increasing than usual, this is what makes the electricity bill swells and often causes customers to experience problems when the due date occurs.

This is different from prepaid electricity services, as the name suggests prepaid, you need to pay before use, in order to use electricity with prepaid services you have to buy a credit voucher or buy an electricity token first.

The size of the token affects electricity usage, for example, when you buy a token with a nominal value of IDR 200,000, you can only use electricity up to that nominal amount.

So what if the tokens run out? Of course, you have to fill in the electricity token again because the electricity will automatically turn off.

Usually this prepaid electricity meter will make a sound indicating that the number of tokens is limited. Moreover, you have to regularly check electricity tokens to avoid power outages. When the power goes out at around 23.00-02.00 you cannot activate it because the electricity can only be activated after 02.00.

For some people, using prepaid electricity services is considered more controlled than using postpaid services. By looking at the prepaid service electricity token number, you can adjust it to your monthly budget. Apart from that, you don’t need to be afraid of being charged a late fee, because prepaid services use vouchers, you won’t be charged. fines and network termination.

How to See the Electricity Token Number on the Meter

Are you curious about how to see the electricity token number on your home meter? Here are the steps:

  1. Look at the meter box installed in the house.
  2. Check the number at the top of the LCD screen or above the meter barcode.
  3. The electricity token number consists of an 11 to 12 digit number.
  4. If you see it, don’t forget to note it down and then save it on your cellphone to make it easier to fill in the token.

To activate electricity from a prepaid meter you need to look at the PLN electricity token number, then top up electricity credit with a nominal value of IDR 20,000 to IDR 1,000,000.

You can top up electricity tokens through the PLN office or banks that collaborate with PLN. Apart from banks, you can also top up electricity tokens at minimarkets or using e-wallets.

What if the electricity token number is lost?

The way to see the lost electricity token number is not difficult, just contact the PLN call center with number 123, before pressing the number, start with the area code where you live, then continue your problem with PLN.

Or you can also check directly via the PNL Mobile application and the official PLN website, namely

The final word

Hopefully this brief explanation about prepaid postpaid electricity services and how to view electricity token numbers is enough to help those of you who are still confused. To make it easier for you to top up your tokens, try buying them online.

And for those of you who intend to use prepaid services, you must contact PLN to register. After registering, PLN will come to your place and install a prepaid meter. The prepaid meter lists the customer ID and power usage.

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