How to Send Goods Via JNE for Beginners 2023

How to send goods via JNE – JNE is a fast (physical) goods delivery courier service whose costs depend on how heavy the goods are and how far the destination is. This goods delivery service is no longer foreign to our ears, in fact the number of JNE customers is greater than that of the Indonesian Postal Service.

Indeed, there are many expedition companies in Indonesia that are no less good, such as Tiki, J&T, Sicepat, Wahana, DHL, FedEx, TNT, etc., but sending goods via JNE is one of the best delivery services.

That is why most people prefer to use delivery services using JNE compared to other services.

When you have unused items and want to give them to relatives who live quite far away, you can send them quickly using the goods delivery service via JNE.

JNE provides friendly, fast service and of course will not disappoint customers because the goods sent are guaranteed to arrive safely at their destination.

By using JNE, the goods sent will be protected and the current location of the goods can be tracked online directly from a smartphone or laptop.

In modern times like now, goods delivery services are really needed by most people to send goods, especially online shops. Both small and large quantities of goods can still be sent.

Like when selling online, of course people who have paid via transfer will definitely have gotten the goods they bought, right?

Apart from sending goods manually by traveling out of town, you can also save energy and time by using freight forwarding services so that the process of goods from their place of origin to the buyer’s hands is faster.

OK, let’s go straight to the procedures for sending goods via JNE.

How to Send Goods Via JNE for Beginners

For those of you who want to send any goods or products to your destination using JNE, here are several procedures for sending goods via JNE!

We start preparations from home and send the package to the nearest JNE office.

1. Check the cost of sending goods via JNE

The first step you must take before sending goods to the nearest JNE office is to check the shipping costs that must be paid first.

There are many ways you can do it if you want to know the price, one of the most effective ways is to contact JNE via number (021) 2927 8888 to ask for detailed prices for sending goods via JNE.

You can also check directly on the package delivery rates page on the JNE website >

To check the rates, please enter Origin Shipment, Destination Shipment and Package Weight. Later it will be tracked and the shipping costs for the JNE package will automatically appear.

2. Packing goods

The next thing you have to do is prepare the goods to be sent and of course wrap them neatly from home.

You must pack these items safely even though there will be additional security later. You can use anything to package goods, be it plastic, boxes, wooden boards, or other packaging.

3. Write the destination address

What often happens to people when sending goods is that they write the wrong or unclear address. This will cause the goods sent to not arrive at their destination correctly and the delivery time will automatically be slower because the courier will be confused about finding a suitable home location.

Writing a complete and clear address is one of the important steps you must take. By writing the correct address, the goods will definitely arrive at their destination quickly and precisely.

The standards for writing addresses for sending packages are as follows:

  • Package recipient name
  • Address (RT/RW) House number, District, Regency and Postal code
  • Mobile number that is still active

Write your full name and address on 1 sheet of paper, then stick it on the outside of the package.

4. Come to the nearest JNE office

If all the preparations are ready, it’s time to go to the nearest JNE office. See: JNE Operational Hours.

After arriving at the JNE office, tell the officer I want to send a package then hand over the goods to the officer.

The package will be checked first (don’t worry, the package won’t be opened), but the officer will ask what category the package contains to put the delivery package.

The officer will also weigh the package to determine the weight of the item. If so, the officer will input all data related to the package.

JNE officers will also ask what type of package delivery you want to choose, How many days do you want to send the goods via JNE?? There are several package services, some of which are:

  • OK (Economical Shipping Costs)
  • REG (Regular)
  • YES (Sure I’ll arrive tomorrow)
  • SS (Super Speed)
  • Diplomatic Service.
  • etc.

Generally, package delivery will choose the Regular service because the price is cheap and the package reaches its destination quite quickly, the estimate is around 2-3 days (depending on the exact destination address.

After that, carry out the administration process according to the price listed.

5. Get a Package Delivery Receipt

After making payment, don’t forget to take the Delivery Receipt from the package delivery and keep it until the package actually arrives at the destination address.

The officer will provide a delivery receipt containing information about the package. The important thing you can see from the delivery receipt is the Receipt Number.

Yes, the receipt number is very important because you can check where the JNE package has arrived.

6. Check the delivery status and where it has arrived

In short, here are the steps to check the status of a package delivery via JNE using a receipt:

  1. Open the official website
  2. In the shipment tracking column, please enter your package receipt number.
  3. If so, click the Tracking button.
  4. Package status information will appear.

Package status is always changing, this status is informed in the following terms:

  • Received At Warehouse.
  • At Origin Gateway.
  • On Process.
  • Received On Destination.
  • Delivered
  • etc.

7. Delivery of goods to destination

Goods will be sent by courier to the destination address. If there are no problems with the courier such as difficulty finding the address, the goods will arrive quickly.

So, if the courier has difficulty finding the destination address, usually the courier will call the number listed on the package. So don’t worry about the package not arriving, okay?

You can also check the status of whether the goods have been delivered (reached their destination) or not. The method is as I have explained above.

Information About Insurance

There must be security insurance for the goods sent if you want the security of an item to be guaranteed. With this shipping insurance, the goods will be sent carefully to their destination. Save Receipt

When you go to JNE, of course you will get a receipt given by the JNE cashier as a receipt for the goods to be sent. You must keep this receipt carefully during the delivery process.

The final word

That’s the latest guide on how to send goods via JNE for beginners. Very easy isn’t it? I wrote these steps based on my personal experience when sending packages out of town.

The goods I sent using JNE were all smooth and arrived safely, use shipping insurance if necessary.

OK, that’s all for this article, I hope it’s useful.

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