How to Send Packages Via J&T for Beginners 2023

How to send packages via J&T – If you have never sent a package using J&T Express services, there is usually a feeling of fear or doubt. I’ve never had a name before, right? My thoughts are no-no. Usually they are afraid that there is an error there, there are other conditions, and are afraid that something will happen.

In this article, we share several tips that can be your guide before sending packages via the J&T Express delivery service.

Package Delivery Regulations at J&T

The first thing before sending a package to J&T is that you must first know whether the package you want to send is allowed or not using J&T services.

The following are packages that are prohibited from being sent via J&T Express

  • Corrosive chemicals (hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, and the like)
  • Explosives or those related to detonators, gunpowder, firecrackers and the like
  • Flammable materials (gas, gasoline, alcohol, phosphorus, sulfur, and the like)
  • Objects that contain radioactive content (cobalt, radium, plutonium, uranium, and the like)
  • Propaganda objects that can threaten national stability and security
  • Unsafe package packaging
  • Violating the law (state secret documents, cash, counterfeit money, rare animals and plants, sharp weapons, replica weapons, and so on)
  • Illegal drugs (drugs, and the like)
  • Animal organs that have not been safely processed
  • Firearms, bombs and ammunition

Then can J&T send liquids? Octoberbe if the liquid you want to send is packaged neatly, it will be safe and not dangerous, it will be accepted. So, make sure all packages to be sent using the J&T Express Package Delivery service are packaged safely.

Know the Opening Hours and Location of the Nearest J&T Agent

J&T’s operational hours for receiving package deliveries are 08.00 – 20.00. But more precisely, do the steps below.

Type a Google search using the keywords j&t + nearest office address

Then please see complete address information, opening hours, and service reviews on the side if using a PC, and below if using a cellphone

How to Send Packages Via J&T for Beginners

If you already know the location of the nearest J&T office, it’s time to send your package to the nearest J&T. Please follow the short guide below:

  1. Make sure to pack the package safely.
  2. Write down the data and address of the delivery destination, such as the recipient’s name and complete home address, so that the package can be delivered easily and quickly by the courier.
  3. Once everything is ready, please come to the nearest J&T office during operational hours.
  4. After arriving at the office, just go straight to the customer and say you want to send the package and give him the package (if you don’t queue).
  5. Then just wait until you are asked for your cellphone number and given data such as a receipt, then pay the appropriate amount.
  6. After paying, you can immediately bring the receipt with the receipt code (under the barcode) which is used to check where the J&T package is.

Terms & Conditions for Delivery Via J&T Express

Every customer who wants to send a package via J&T must meet the specified terms and conditions. What’s that? Here are some of them:

The package sender must package the package according to J&T standards so that it is safe and there is no damage. If a case of damage is found due to imperfect packaging, J&T will not bear the compensation but the sender himself.

The package weight calculation used is the original weight or dimensions (if larger). If the customer asks J&T to package it, then the weight calculated is the package after it has been repackaged.

The final word

Sending packages via J&T is very easy, as long as you comply with the policies provided. One way is to send packages that are permitted by the expedition. And for delivery steps, first check the address and office hours.

If you go straight to the office with a package that has been packed safely, and bring money to pay, yes. Later you will get a receipt code on the receipt. Use the receipt code to track the shipment after a few days after you send the package to the J&T office.

That’s the article about how to send packages via J&T Express. Hopefully this is useful, thank you.

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