How to Set iPhone Personal Hotspot APN for All Cards

Every smartphone, whether iPhone or Android, has APN settings that can be changed by the user. So, in this article, will share a tutorial on how to set a personal hotspot APN on an iPhone.

APN (Acces Point Name) is a configuration used by cellular network operators which is useful for identifying the network on a device.

Setting APN on iPhone also functions to enable personal hotspot on iPhone. Personal hotspot or personal hotspot on iPhone is a useful feature for sharing the internet connection from our iPhone to iPhone devices or other Apple devices.

This feature cannot be used immediately if you don’t set the APN first, there isn’t even a menu to activate the hotspot.

Therefore, iPhone users must know how to set APN on iPhone. So, without waiting long, let’s get straight to the tutorial.

How to Set iPhone Personal Hotspot APN

For example, here I will try setting the personal hotspot APN for the XL card. XL is one of the most popular operators in Indonesia used on iPhone phones.

The way to set the iPhone XL hotspot is as follows:

  1. First go to “Arrangement” iPhone.
  2. To activate personal hotspot, please select the “menu”Mobile“.
  3. iphone cellular settings
  4. Next select the menu “Cellular Data Network“.
  5. iPhone cellular data network settings
  6. There are 4 APN menus that you need to fill in (CELLULAR DATA, LTE, MMS and HOTSPOT), you can fill in all or only as needed. In the APN option, please fill in apn xl, namely Internet.
  7. How to set Telkomsel Personal Hotspot APN on iPhone
  8. You don’t need to fill in the User Name, Password and other sections, just leave them blank.
  9. Finished.
  10. Now go back to the first Settings page, see whether the Personal Hotspot menu appears or not, as shown below.
  11. iPhone personal hotspot

That’s how it works, it’s very easy, isn’t it? The method above is not only for XL cards, but can be used for all cards. You just need to change the APN according to the operator so that the internet connection is more stable.

Oh yes…if the Personal Hotspot menu doesn’t appear, please close the Settings application first then open it again. If it doesn’t appear, you may need to restart your iPhone.

Register for Indonesian Card APN for Personal Hotspot Settings

If you are an iPhone user who often changes cards to other operators, you may also need to know the APN settings of other operators. By using the appropriate APN, the internet connection will be more stable and faster. The following is a list of APNs according to cards or operators in Indonesia.

iPhone XL Hotspot APN

  • APN: internet
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty

Axis iPhone Hotspot APN

  • APN: internet
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty

Telkomsel iPhone Hotspot APN

  • APN: internet
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty

APN Hotspot iPhone by.U

  • APN: internet
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty

Indosat iPhone Hotspot APN

  • APN: indosatgprs
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty

APN Hotspot iPhone Tri (3)

  • APN: 3data
  • Username: 3data
  • Password: 3data

Smartfren iPhone Hotspot APN

  • APN: smartfren
  • Username: empty
  • Password: empty

The final word

That’s the article on how to set iPhone Personal Hotspot APN for Telkomsel, by.U, XL, Axis, Indosat, 3 and Smartfren cards.

Each mobile operator may have several APNs with different settings. Make sure you choose the right APN and enter the settings correctly so you can connect to the internet via the cellular network. You can find APN settings for other mobile operators on their official websites or by contacting their customer service.

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