How to Set the PPSSPP Emulator So It Doesn't Lag

This is perfect, in this article I will provide a tutorial on how to do it settings PPSSPP emulator so there is no lag and clear sound.

To set up the PPSSPP emulator, you can watch the video above or you can also follow the steps below:

1. Download PPSSPP: Download the PPSSPP emulator from the official site, namely Google Play Store.

2. Installation: Install the PPSSPP application on your smartphone.

3. Get PSP Games: You need to have the game file (ISO or CSO format) to play in the emulator. You can buy PSP games or find legally downloaded versions.

4. Setting Controls: Open PPSSPP, then tap the gear icon or “Settings.” Under “Controls,” you can assign virtual buttons and arrange them to your liking.

5. Setting Graphics: Under “Graphics,” you can adjust display settings such as resolution, rendering mode, and more. These settings will affect the graphic quality of the game.

6. Voice: Under “Audio,” you can set sound settings such as volume and other sound settings.

7. System Settings: Under “System,” you can set emulator settings such as frame rate and storage.

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