How to Subscribe to iQIYI VIP with GoPay, DANA and Credit

How to Subscribe to iQIYI VIP – Movie watching applications are currently being widely used by netizens, especially people who like Korean drama series and box office hits.

iQIYI, a film streaming platform from China, is also present in Indonesia to meet the needs of film lovers. Quoted from, iQIYI is now ranked third most downloaded in the movie watching application category. The application has been downloaded by more than 10 million users in 2023.

It’s no surprise that iQIYI was able to achieve this achievement, because iQIYI offers various categories of interesting films for free every day.

However, users cannot watch all the videos available on the iQIYI application. Because there is some exclusive content from iQIYI which may not be available on other platforms.

To be able to watch this exclusive content, users must be willing to pay to subscribe to IQIYI VIP. Don’t worry, the price is very affordable, right? Starting from Rp. 3000 to the most expensive Rp. 749000.


Before you buy a VIP subscription package, you should also know what the comparison is between the VIP and free versions of iQIYI. That way, you can know what benefits you will get if you subscribe to iQIYI VIP.

The following is a table of feature differences between iQIYI VIP vs iQIYI Free.

iQIYI Features iQIYI VIP iQIYI Free
Lots of content available Yes Yes
Subtitles available in various languages Yes Yes
Set video speed Yes Yes
Watch on multiple devices Yes Yes
Download and watch videos offline Yes Yes
See content you’ve watched Yes Yes
Save favorite programs Yes Yes
iQIYI exclusive content Yes No
Watch new films first Yes No
Watch with 1080p and 4K Resolution Yes No
Dolby Cinema feature Yes No
Ad-Free when watching videos Yes No
Download unlimited VIP content Yes No
Watch on 2-4 devices simultaneously Yes No

There are quite a lot of benefits you can get if you buy the VIP package offered by iQIYI. The most important advantages in my opinion are exclusive content, skip ads and video quality up to 4K.

iQIYI Subscription Payment Method

Currently iQIYI provides various types of valid payments for subscribing to iQIYI, here are some of them:

  • FUND
  • GoPay
  • Google Play
  • Credit (Indosat)
  • Bank Cards (MasterCard, Visa and JCB)

The payments provided by iQIYI are still in the development stage, there are some that don’t exist yet. Apart from subscribing via the payment method above, maybe one day there will be other payment methods such as Paypal, Shopeepay, OVO or others.

iQIYI Subscription Price

iqiyi vip subscription price

Surely many people don’t know how much the iQIYI subscription costs? There are four iQIYI VIP prices available at different times, as well as the features they offer.

The following are the iQIYI VIP subscription prices:

  • Standard 1 Monthly Subscription: Rp. 3,000
  • 1 Monthly Subscription Premium: Rp. 75,000
  • Standard 3 Monthly Subscription: Rp. 90,000
  • Annual Subscription Standard: Rp. 200,000
  • Annual Subscription Premium: Rp. 749,000

How to Subscribe to iQIYI VIP

After knowing the benefits of using the iQIYI VIP service, payment methods and package prices offered, now is the time to try subscribing to iQIYI VIP.

As I explained above, there are 5 ways to pay for iQIYI. So, in this article I will share several payment methods.

Without waiting long, just look at the tutorial below.

How to Subscribe to iQIYI with GoPay

  1. First open the iQIYI application, and make sure you are logged in with your account. Then press the button VIP which is in the top right corner.
  2. iqiyi app
  3. Select a subscription package which are desired. For example, I want to buy a Standard 1 Monthly Subscription package for IDR 3000.
  4. iqiyi subscription package
  5. Select the payment option using GoPay. Then press the button Join Now.
  6. iqiyi subscription payment
  7. Input GoPay number the one you are currently using.
  8. Enter your GoPay number
  9. Approve confirmation Connect Gopay to iQIYI by pressing the button Carry on.
  10. connect gopay to iqiyi
  11. To complete the confirmation, Enter the 6 digit GoPay PIN You.
  12. You will automatically be redirected to the GoPay application, then select and open the browser to confirm iQIYI payment.
  13. confirm payment iqiyi
  14. The browser window will provide information that the iQIYI payment has been successful. Or if there are problems there will be information about the payment being processed.
  15. iqiyi payment with Gopay is processed
  16. I have completed the payment.
  17. Finished.

How to Subscribe to iQIYI with DANA

  1. Open the latest iQIYI application
  2. Login using your account
  3. Press the VIP button in the upper right corner
  4. Choose one of the available VIP packages
  5. Next, scroll down to select payment via DANA
  6. If so, press the Join Now button
  7. Enter your DANA cellphone number, then press Continue
  8. After that, fill in the 6 digit DANA PIN
  9. Enter the OTP code sent via SMS to your cellphone number
  10. A page will appear to connect your DANA account to iQIYI, press Continue
  11. The DANA application will automatically open and you will be asked to open the browser
  12. Payment information will appear on the browser page. Wait a few moments until the payment is complete and your DANA balance will be deducted
  13. Done, subscribe to iQIYI using DANA successfully.

How to Subscribe to iQIYI with Google Play

  1. Make sure your Google Play balance is filled according to the iQIYI subscription package you want to buy.
  2. Open the iQIYI application
  3. Login with your account
  4. Press the VIP button in the top right corner
  5. Select the available VIP package offers.
  6. Scroll down. In the payment method, select the Google Play option
  7. Then press Join Now
  8. The Google Play window will appear, just press the Subscribe button.
  9. Your Google Play balance will automatically be deducted according to the cost of the package you choose.
  10. iQIYI VIP subscription has been successfully activated.

How to Subscribe to iQIYI with Indosat Credit

  1. Open the iQIYI application
  2. Login with your account
  3. Press the VIP button in the top right corner
  4. Select the available VIP package offers.
  5. Scroll down. In the payment method, select the Google Play option
  6. If it is correct, press Join Now
  7. The Google Play window will appear, please change the subscription payment method on Play using an Indosat card.
  8. If so, press the Subscribe button.
  9. Your credit balance will automatically be deducted according to the cost of the package you choose.
  10. And the iQIYI VIP subscription has been successfully activated.

Is it possible to subscribe to iQIYI with Telkomsel credit?

Currently, you can only use Indosat to pay via credit. So in the Google Play settings payment via Telkomsel is not available.

So, if you are looking for an article about how to subscribe to iQIYI using Telkomsel credit, of course there is no way.

How to Unsubscribe from iQIYI

Here’s how to stop subscribing to iQIYI VIP via the browser.

  1. Open the browser on the laptop.
  2. Visit the official iQIYI website at
  3. Log in first using your account.
  4. After logging in, click on your iQIYI profile photo then select MyAccount.
  5. Next select menu Renew VIP.
  6. And the final step is to click the button Cancel Subscription.
  7. Finished.

The final word

That’s the guide on how to subscribe to iQIYI VIP that you can follow, it’s very easy, isn’t it? Now you can enjoy lots of exclusive content with 1080p to 4K video quality and watch videos on 2-4 different devices simultaneously.

That’s all, hope it helps.

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