How to Top UP FF Using Cheap and Fast Credit

How to Top UP FF Using Credit – As time goes by, technological sophistication is also developing very rapidly. This is proven by the large number of online games that are starting to spread and there are many types. If in the past playing online games was something that was quite foreign to most people, now it has become something normal and natural to do.

This is also supported by the increasing number of online games created by developers. One online game with a Battle Royale theme that is also very famous is Free Fire.

In Free Fire itself, there is a Diamond that you have to Top Up if you want to have it. For this reason, in this article we will discuss more about Free Fire, including how to top up ff with credit.

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About FF (Free Fire)

Free Fire is an online game that is quite famous in various circles, from children, teenagers, to adults. Free Fire itself has been released for quite a long time and until now it remains an online game that has achieved a high rating for the Playstore version. Garena Free Fire is a game with a Battle Royale theme where players have to survive.

How to play Free Fire is also not difficult, because you only need to survive and survive until the end. Apart from that, not only can you play it solo, you can also play Free Fire in duo, trio or squad. To win this Free Fire game, you or your friends must play and survive until the end of the game.

Top UP Diamond function on FF

In the Free Fire game itself, there are several features or terms that every player needs to know. There are things called skins or characters that players can use to play Free Fire. Apart from that, Free Fire also has Diamonds which are useful for buying the items we want.

Diamond itself can be likened to a credit where to be able to have it, you have to top up. There are several ways you can top up diamonds in the Free Fire game.

By having this Free Fire Diamond, you can purchase interesting items in this Free Fire game. There are items that you can buy using Diamonds, such as skins, weapons or Free Fire characters.

Of course, Free Fire Diamonds are also much needed and sought after by Free Fire players. That is the basic meaning of Diamond in the concept of the Garena Free Fire game.

How to Top UP FF Using Telkomsel Credit

Before starting to follow the steps below, make sure the Telkomsel card you use on your cellphone has a minimum credit of IDR 20,000. Why? Because the cheapest price to top up FF diamonds in the Free Fire game is IDR 16,000.

If your Telkomsel card has already been filled with credit, just follow the steps on how to top up ff using Telkomsel credit below:

  1. Open the Free Fire application on each cellphone.
  2. Press the Diamond logo, you will enter the transaction menu.
  3. top up ff using credit
  4. Choose the type of price and number of Diamonds you want to buy. Available prices start from IDR 16,000 to IDR 739,000, please choose according to the amount of credit available on your Telkomsel card.
  5. Top up FF diamonds using credit
  6. After selecting the price and nominal, also select the payment method you want to use, namely using credit.
  7. Select the Telkomsel operator, then click buy.
  8. Top up FF using Telkomsel credit
  9. Enter the Google email password used on your cellphone.
  10. Wait a few moments until the notification enters your Free Fire account.
  11. Return to the Dashboard menu, the number of diamonds should increase according to what you bought earlier.

The final word

That’s the brief information we can convey about how to top up ff using credit. How, isn’t the way to Top Up Diamonds using credit quite easy, right?

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