How to upload films to YouTube so they don't get banned by copyright

Some ordinary novice YouTuber content creators will have uploaded full movie videos to YouTube, so the creators immediately delete them. However, you don’t need to worry about problems like this, there are several ways to free your copyright claim. The following will show you how to upload films to YouTube so that they are not blocked by copyright.

YouTube strongly recommends that the videos you upload are original videos. If you take several other people’s videos on YouTube and then edit and insert them into the YouTube video that you want to upload, then there are several things you need to do. Make sure you make interesting original videos and original results from your own camera footage.

That way you can have original content to fill your YouTube channel. Basically, YouTube will only take action against accounts that upload videos that are too similar to the owner of the copyright video or the cool term is reupload. Does it support you can create audio and video so it doesn’t get copyright.

Movies are safe to upload to YouTube

In general, video content that is a criterion and is appropriate for the YouTube community includes 3 things, namely: Video, Video Content, Background music or video background music.

There are at least 3 things that are conditions for safe uploading on YouTube. After you pay attention to this, YouTube will automatically and periodically check your content. Now your video might slip through and maybe not get any warnings, but one day something unexpected happens.

So is there a way to upload films on YouTube so they don’t get copyrighted?

The answer is of course yes. Avoid audio or video copyright on YouTube. After that, all the videos that appear are creative commons licensed videos, just download and upload. Create your own original videos.

How to upload films to YouTube so they don’t get banned by copyright

Uploading videos or films without adding your own original work to YouTube can violate copyright. So, here are tips so that the videos you upload don’t have copyright.

1. Create an Original Film Video

This is the safest and sportiest way to upload video content on Youtube, by creating original videos. YouTube strongly recommends that the videos uploaded are your own original videos to avoid third party video content claims.

Basically you can make original videos by recording funny, stupid and ridiculous events of the people around you or record your own songs, make short films or whatever is the result of your own hard work.

Where the published work video is self-satisfying, the value of a work does not only lie in the nominal money that will be obtained, of course this requires double the work, but will avoid several unpleasant demands from third parties.

2. Edit the video as creatively as possible

When creating content for YouTube, you can use tools or software to create or edit videos. Editing software can be Adobe Premiere, Vegas or Final Cut Pro, it is recommended that these 3 software do editing, why is that? Because the three software features and uses are very complete, only we can be creative in beautifying a video.

There are things that can be done using software as a video editor:

  • Cut or cut and combine videos into one
  • Using Creative Commons Videos
  • Modify or Change the Voice/Audio Tone
  • Change Resolution or Add New Effects
  • Added Intro and Outro
  • Add music Copyright free

Those are some tips on how to upload films to YouTube so they don’t get banned due to copyright, I hope they help!

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