How to Use WhatsApp Web on a Laptop / Computer

Don’t know how to use WhatsApp Web on a laptop or computer? Don’t worry, because on this occasion I will share a complete guide to using web.whatsapp.

Currently, WhatsApp can be said to be the best chatting application. This application has even been used by more than 1 billion people in the world. The existence of this chat application certainly makes it easier for people to communicate.

Not just the chat feature, someone can even send various files such as photos, documents, videos and voice notes easily.

WhatsApp is popular as a chat application, of course there are still many people who don’t know the location and function of some of the features in it. The features of this WhatsApp application are quite complete and easy to use.

One feature that makes it easier for users to access WhatsApp not only via cellphone but also via computer or laptop is Whatsapp Web.

What is WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Web is WhatsApp feature that allows users to access WhatsApp from the desktop using a browser such as Google Chrome.

Whatsapp Web Function to open WhatsApp on a laptop or computer via a browser. You don’t need to install the WhatsApp application to open it.

As for advantages of WhatsApp Web is to save more time, type faster, no need to install additional applications, send photo, video or document files from your computer, you can even send virtex wa malignant.

How to Use WhatsApp Web on a Laptop

To use Whatsapp Web, a QR code is required to enter the Whatsapp chat page, so users can chat via a desktop browser or directly in the Whatsapp application on a computer desktop.

But before that, make sure your cellphone’s rear camera is functioning properly, if you want to use Whatsapp Web using a barcode, because if your rear camera has a problem, the QR code scanning process will not be successful.

The steps to open or enter WhatsApp Web are as follows.

1. Open a browser on your laptop, you can use the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera browser.

2. Next, visit Whatsapp Web via the browser

If you have entered the Whatsapp Web page, you will see a black barcode or QR Code box. That is the barcode to access your WhatsApp, the WhatsApp QR code is what will be used to scan the WhatsApp chat page to web use mode.

3. To scan, open the WhatsApp application on your cellphone, then go to the menu, click the three horizontal dots icon at the top right, then select Whatsapp Web.

4. Then select the icon + To start the scanning process, point your cellphone camera at the laptop screen that already has the barcode.

scan whatsapp web qr code

5. If you scan the barcode correctly, it will automatically enter the WhatsApp chat page on the laptop.

whatsapp website login

If you then want to use Whatsapp Web again, make sure you use the same browser so you don’t need to scan the barcode again, because it will automatically go straight to the Whatsapp Web chat page.

How to Log Out of WhatsApp Web

how to exit whatsapp web

There are two ways you can exit WhatsApp Web. First from the WhatsApp web and second from the Whatsapp application on the cellphone.

Exit WhatsApp Web

  1. Visit
  2. Click Settings or above the chat list.
  3. Go out.

Exit WhatsApp Web from cellphone

  1. Open the app WhatsApp.
  2. Then tap More options.
  3. choose WhatsApp Web.
  4. Sign out of all devices.
  5. Go out.

WhatsApp Web Notification Settings

whatsapp web notification settings

You can easily set how to activate Whatsapp Web notifications and remove Whatsapp Web notifications.

The way to do this is to click on the padlock icon right behind the URL, then a slide down will appear. There are notification settings, please set them according to your needs, the options are:

  • Allow = Activate WhatsApp Web notifications
  • Ask = Default notification
  • Block = Disable Whatsapp Web notifications

WhatsApp Web FAQ

Can you make a status on Whatsapp Web?

Not yet, WhatsApp does not yet provide a WhatsApp status upload feature via WhatsApp Web. Users can only see WhatsApp statuses uploaded by friends in their contacts.

Can you video call on WhatsApp Web?

The video call feature is also not yet available on WhatsApp Web. Currently its function is only for chatting, viewing WhatsApp status and sending photo, video and document files.

Can I use WhatsApp Web on a laptop without a cellphone?

You can’t, guys, the only way to connect to Whatsapp Web is to scan the barcode on your laptop using your cellphone. So there’s no need to ask anymore how to log in to WhatsApp web without scanning a barcode.

Can WhatsApp Web be opened from a cellphone?

You can’t, Whatsapp Web is specifically made to be opened from a desktop browser (laptop or computer). If you access from your cellphone, it will automatically redirect to

Be careful if someone gives a tutorial on opening Whatsapp Web on your cellphone, because it could be a trap to tap into your WhatsApp account.

Speaking of hacking WhatsApp, yesterday I wrote an article, try reading this, Social Spy Whatsapp.

The final word

That’s the guide article on how to use WhatsApp web on a laptop using the Google Chrome browser. At this point, you definitely already know how to enter WhatsApp web yourself.

Octoberbe those of you who have just used this feature will have a little difficulty entering the Whatsapp web page. However, if you have done it several times you will automatically go straight to the WhatsApp web page.

Hopefully the information we provide will be useful for you. Good luck.

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