How to View Carts on TikTok Shop, Here's the Easy Way

How to View Cart on TikTok – The buying and selling feature on TikTok makes users interested in seeing products posted by sellers, users can carry out various actions with these products. Starting from viewing, liking, commenting, adding to cart to the purchasing process.

However, according to some TikTok users there is a slight difficulty when they want to see the shopping list, namely the button to check the cart. Yes, I also agree with that complaint.

First of all, I want to inform you that the cart page on TikTok is different from the Orders page.

The cart page is the products that you put on the list of potential products you want to buy, if on the marketplace it might be called a Whitelist or preferred products.

Meanwhile, the Order page is a product that is ready to be purchased, because the user has completed the product purchase requirements such as filling in the destination address and payment process. If in the marketplace the product is in the shopping basket, the process is just to pay.

So, for those of you who are still having trouble finding the list of products that have been added to your trolley, please see how to view your shopping trolley in the TikTok shop below.

How to View Cart on TikTok Shop

There are two ways you can view the shopping cart on TikTok. Check out both methods below:


How to view the cart on TikTok Shop can be done by adding the product in the video post back to the cart. Later, a trolley icon will appear along with information on the number of products you have entered.


  1. Open the app TikTok latest.
  2. Click the icon Profile which is in the top right corner.
  3. Next select menu Settings and privacy.
  4. tiktok profile settings
  5. On the Settings and privacy page select Order.
  6. order on tiktok
  7. Next click the icon .
  8. order list on tiktok
  9. To see the shopping basket list, select the menu Shopping trolley.
  10. view shopping cart on tiktok
  11. The shopping cart page on TikTok that you are looking for will appear.
  12. On this page you can edit the product list such as increasing the order quantity, changing the size and deleting products from the cart.

    shopping trolley on tiktok

Meanwhile, if you want to buy the product you have selected, you can continue by selecting the product then clicking the Check out button. The payment methods that you can choose are via GoPay, Bank Transfer, OVO, Debit Card, DANA, Indomaret, Alfamart and Alfamidi.

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to view carts on TikTok that you can follow, it’s very easy, isn’t it! In the future, hopefully TikTok will add a shopping cart button like the one in the marketplace, so it will be easier for users to access it.

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