How to View Full Instagram Profile Photos without an Application

How to View Instagram Profile Photos – Playing social media Instagram is fun to fill your free time. For those of you who actively use this social media, you may still find some features or parts of Instagram that are buggy or that you can’t use yet. An example is viewing the profile photo on Instagram in full.

If you open the Instagram application as usual via your smartphone or browser on your PC, the profile photo will only appear in a small round size. Unlike other social media, it makes it easier for you to check someone’s profile photo so that it is more visible.

Even though Instagram continues to innovate, such as bringing up the reels menu, Instagram does not complete this profile photo viewing feature in its social media ecosystem. Even though it is not a primary feature that is mandatory, you have definitely experienced curiosity about someone’s profile photo and you need to find a solution.

How to View Full Instagram Profile Photos

Even though it can’t be done if you open the application normally, you can still see it in the way I will share. The following is a way to view other people’s Instagram profile photos that you can try.


The first way is to use the website, this website can help you to view and download IG profile photos. This works for private and even blocked Instagram accounts.

With the inflact website, you don’t need to log into an account or register to use its features. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. In the available column type IG username whose profile photo you want to see.
  3. Click the ” buttonDOWNLOAD“, then the IG profile photo will appear in large size.
  4. Click the “button againDOWNLOAD” to save the photo on your device.

2. is a website that allows you to see the full profile photo on Instagram. You only need to prepare your internet network and browser. Here are the steps:

How to use it is simple, you only need to open the website instadp.ioin your browser. Then type the IG username in the search field for which you want to see the profile photo.

Once the account profile is open, all you have to do is click on the “GET” and the profile photo will immediately open. You can also save the profile photo by clicking the Download button.


You can view Instagram profile photos without an application using Full Insta DP. Just like the first method, you only need to prepare a browser that is connected to the internet. Open the Full Insta DP website in your respective browser.

All you have to do is write down the username of the Instagram account you want to search for then click on the “button”View DP“. Just wait and the results will appear. Apart from being able to see profile photos, with Full Insta DP you can also select the menu “View Story“.


The next way to view Instagram profile photos is via Izuum. You can access it with your browser just like the previous two. After the website opens, all you have to do is write the username you are looking for in the column provided.

On Izuum, the menu to view someone’s profile photo in its original size can be done by pressing menu “View original size“. You just have to wait until the profile photo opens. Using Izuum to open profile photos is free and unlimited in number.

The final word

You can try the four websites above to see full Instagram profile photos. If you only want to view IG profile photos, then you can still see accounts that are locked or private.

Once again, this feature is not provided by Instagram, perhaps considering that this feature is not necessary. Moreover, Instagram chose to embed the Story feature which allows you to see the daily story of someone’s account by just pressing the Instagram profile photo. If you do this, make sure your goal in looking at someone’s profile photo on Instagram is not to do something bad!

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