How to View the Latest Photo Albums on Facebook

How to View Photo Albums on Facebook – Facebook is a social media that is older than Instagram and Twitter, almost everyone has a Facebook account. Even now, the number of Facebook users continues to increase every day.

But of course Facebook doesn’t want to be left behind by other social media, so it has made many updates to its various features.

So, for those of you who haven’t opened a Facebook account for a long time, you will definitely be familiar with the many new features that are currently available on Facebook. As a Facebook user who has been active in the past, of course you have definitely saved photos on Facebook or on social media.

Facebook has created a photo album creation feature for its users so that users can store large amounts of photos more concisely.

If you have never deleted photos or albums from your Facebook account, then of course these photos and albums are still available on your Facebook account. For those of you who might want to reminisce by looking at photo albums on Facebook, you need to know several ways to view photo collections on Facebook, because with the many new features on Facebook you will definitely be a little confused by the new appearance.

Facebook is one of the default applications that until now will definitely be available when you buy a new Android cellphone. So for the Facebook application, you usually don’t need to download it yourself, because it’s usually already on your smartphone so you just need to use it.

If you have never used it before, the first step you need to take when you want to view a photo album on Facebook is to open the Facebook application on your smartphone.

How to View the Latest Photo Albums on Facebook

Of course, you have to log in first using your email or username and password, then you can log in to Facebook using the account you have. However, if you forget your account password, Facebook will usually provide an alternative to open it with the forgotten password option.

If you have successfully logged in with your Facebook account, you will see the Facebook homepage. After that, try selecting to go to Profile which is located under the Facebook menu. After opening your profile, please scroll down until you find the photo album.

Later there you can see a collection of photos that you have uploaded to your Facebook account. You don’t need to worry because as long as you don’t delete them, all the photos will remain on Facebook, so you can look back at any time to reminisce.

Here are the steps for viewing the latest Facebook photo album.

How to view your own Facebook photo album
  1. Open the app Facebook.
  2. Select menu Facebook profile.
  3. Scroll down until you find the button Photo.
  4. Then select menu Album.
  5. You will see all the Facebook album photos.
  6. Finished.

It’s very easy, isn’t it, to view photo albums on Facebook? Yes, of course, because Facebook provides an application interface that is easy to use.

But basically, everyone who already has an account on Facebook can see all photos uploaded on Facebook.

Facebook users can also view other people’s Facebook photo albums, even non-friends can view their photos, provided the user does not hide their photo albums from the public.

That’s a review of how to view the new photo album on Facebook, hopefully it’s useful.

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