How to View Motorcycle Tax on STNK and the Fees

Motorized vehicles are one of the elements that the government requires to pay taxes once a year, tax is imposed on motorized vehicles at rates that have been determined directly by the government.

There are many ways to check how much tax must be paid by looking at the motorbike tax on the STNK, through the regional police report check application, call center services, websites and online tax applications.

The calculation of the amount of motor vehicle tax that you have to pay each year is influenced by the sale value of the tax object, the tax rate, and mandatory contributions to road traffic accident funds.

How to View Motorcycle Tax on STNK 2023

You can see the motorbike tax on the STNK on one side of the STNK sheet, there is information on the amount of tax you have to pay each year. So you can see how much your motorbike registration tax costs.

When you look at the motorbike tax on the STNK, you will find several terms listed in the tax section, these terms are abbreviations for how much tax is required.

Such as CLA or Motor Vehicle Tax contained in each STNK, the rate for this tax reaches 1.5% of the entire sales value of the vehicle. The amount of this tariff will decrease every year as the selling value of the vehicle decreases.

Apart from PKB there are also BBN KB or Motor Vehicle Title Transfer Fee is charged according to the invoice, the rate on BBNKB is up to 10% of the PKB for new vehicles, and 2/3% of the PKB for used vehicles. The next term is SWDKLLJ or Mandatory Contribution to the Road Traffic Accident Fund, this fund is managed by Jasa Raharja.

The amount of the tariff you have to pay SWDKLLJ This depends on the regulations used as a guarantee of protection for all vehicle users. If you are diligent in paying taxes, then you will automatically be registered with motorist safety insurance managed by Raharja Services.

Next, what you also have to pay is: Admin Fees, this fee will be charged to you when you change your vehicle number plate every five years and also when you carry out the process of changing the name of your vehicle. However, if you have just bought a motorbike, you will not be charged this tax.

The last one is Tax penalties. This tax fine is specifically for people who are late in paying their vehicle tax. The tax fines that are borne if you are late in paying taxes are only PKB and SWDKLLJ. Actually, this tax fine is not large, but if you continue to delay it, the amount will increase and become a burden on you.

If you don’t know how much to pay motorbike registration tax

For those of you who don’t understand how to calculate tax just by looking at the motorbike tax on the STNK, you can just come to the nearest Samsat office in your city. If you already understand taxes, just by looking at the motorbike tax on the STNK, you can immediately pay the tax you have to pay.

If you have more than one motor vehicle, you must be careful in calculating the amount of tax you have to pay. The tax charged for the first vehicle is 2.5% and the second vehicle is subject to a rate of 2.5%, and the tax rate will increase by 0.5% if you have more than two vehicles.

However, if the vehicle is a vehicle owned by a business entity, the tax rate is 2%, and 0.5% for vehicles owned by the government, whether central or regional. Meanwhile, heavy equipment is subject to 0.25% tax.

Basically, all motor vehicle tax rates, both private and owned by business entities and the government, have been regulated in accordance with regulations approved by the competent authorities. This rate then becomes a reference for the amount of tax that motor vehicle owners must pay each year.

The final word

If you still don’t understand how to see motorbike tax on the STNK, you can ask directly to people who understand better. Don’t forget to pay your vehicle tax on time. That’s all!

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