How to View Our Own DANA Account Number in the Application

How to View DANA Account Number – DANA is an Indonesian digital wallet application that is used to carry out digital non-cash or cardless transactions quickly and with guaranteed security. In transactions via the DANA application, most transactions require you to enter your DANA number.

It’s quite surprising because it turns out that there are still many users who are confused or don’t know how to see our own DANA number, many don’t even know which DANA ID number is, hehee.

Are you one of the DANA application users who doesn’t know your own DANA ID number? If yes, now you are in the right article. Because this time we will discuss how to view the account number at DANA.

What is a DANA Number?

DANA number is the cellphone number registered and used in the DANA application. So the account number or DANA ID is the same number, namely your own cellphone number.

If someone asks what your DANA account number or ID is, just give them the cellphone number you use in the DANA application. This number can be used to top up and receive transfers from fellow DANA application users.

How to View Our Own DANA Account Number

New users may still be confused about which DANA account ID is? Or those who have registered an account a long time ago but forgot which number to use as the DANA number, that is normal.

Please follow the steps on how to view our DANA account number from the application below:

  1. Open the app FUND new version.
  2. Select menu “I” in the bottom right corner.
  3. fund application profile settings
  4. Then click the button SHOW MY QR.
  5. shoq my qr id fund
  6. Then your DANA account number and DANA ID QR code will appear.
  7. see the fund account number

Even though the number displayed is not all, you definitely know what the number is, because that number is the cell phone number you are using.

This DANA number is the same as your DANA account ID which can be used for transactions. You can note down or screenshot the number so you don’t forget.

The Importance of Knowing Your Own Account Number or DANA ID

In this discussion, we will complete it with an explanation of the importance of knowing our own DANA number. The DANA number is our DANA account ID so it is important to know it, even better if you memorize it.

Why? This number is used for various purposes such as logging into the application because every time you enter the application a verification code will be sent to this number, making it easier if you want to carry out transactions such as top up balances, DANA numbers for transfers, facilitating the process of integrating DANA accounts with partners, and preventing filling errors. balance.

Is there a way to see the bank account number in the DANA application?

If what you mean is seeing other people’s bank account numbers in the DANA application, then the answer is there is no way.

DANA users cannot see the bank account number they previously entered when making a transfer. The entire bank account number is not displayed, only the last 4 digits will be displayed.

How to Change Your Own DANA Number

Another question that frequently arises from DANA users is whether they can replace or change their DANA account ID? The answer is, of course it can be changed, by changing your DANA number. Below are the steps you can follow if you want to change your DANA number.

  1. Open the DANA application.
  2. Go to the “Me” menu.
  3. Then select the Security Settings menu.
  4. Click the Change Mobile Number menu, your registered DANA number will appear.
  5. Click the Change Number button.
  6. You will receive an OTP code for verification. If your old number is no longer active, you can answer the security questions you added when creating an account. If the answer is incorrect, you will be directed to enter your email to continue the verification process.
  7. After the verification process is complete, you can enter the new number you want to use.
  8. After the number has been successfully changed, your DANA account ID will also change to the new number.

The final word

So that’s how to see the DANA account number which is your own DANA account ID. Very easy isn’t it? Using the DANA application is very useful and makes transaction needs easier in everyday life.

For those who already know their DANA number by heart, there is no need to follow the method above, but if you are still unsure then you can just follow the method above.

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