How to View Your Own BCA QR Code 2023 and Use It

How to see the BCA QR Code – The increasing development of technology makes our activities easier. Such as the QR Code feature in the payment process which makes it very easy for us when carrying out digital transactions.

The QR Code feature is also present in the BCA Mobile application. With the BCA QR feature, payments anywhere will be easier and faster, provided the QRIS code is available. As one of the users, I find this feature very helpful.

Octoberbe many people don’t know about this QRIS QR Code, so let’s discuss it first.

What is a BCA QR Code?

The BCA QR Code is a dimensional code which contains information about the account owner’s data. The data contained in the code is the user name and BCA account number.

Meanwhile QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard) in the BCA application is a transfer method that has become the payment standard from Bank Indonesia.

How to use it is to scan it with a smartphone that has a QR Code scanning feature or a special code scanning tool.

BCA QR Code function

The BCA QR Code functions for transfers to fellow BCA account users without needing to input the BCA account number. Fund transfers can be done by scanning the QR code, then the application will automatically transfer the funds to the destination account.

Not only for transfers between users, but also for payments at any QRIS. Of course, with this feature, transactions become easier, faster, safer and more comfortable.

If you shop at a merchant that provides payments via QRIS, just use QR BCA mobile. Luckily there are no additional fees if you use payment via QRIS BCA.

How to View Your Own BCA QR Code 2023

To see the BCA QR code yourself, make sure you have installed the BCA mobile application and have access to the application. If you have activated BCA mobile, the user will automatically have a BCA QR Code.

However, it turns out that many people are still confused and don’t know how to get their own BCA QR Code. Don’t worry about that, because here I will share how.

Here’s how to view the BCA QR Code in the BCA Mobile application:

  1. Open the app BCA mobile latest.
  2. Enter the menu m-BCAenter the PIN code.
  3. Click logo QRIS the one in the bottom middle.
  4. Open QRIS in the BCA application
  5. Next click the button SHOW QR.
  6. Look at the BCA QR code yourself
  7. A BCA QR Code image will appear along with information on the owner’s name and account number.
  8. If you need to save the QR Code to your cellphone gallery, click the button SAVE.
  9. BCA's own QR code
  10. The BCA mobile application will automatically save your BCA QR code.
  11. save the BCA QR code to the gallery
  12. Finished.

Is there a way to make your own BCA QR Code?

As explained above, the BCA QR code can only be obtained and used by BCA users who have activated BCA mobile. So be careful if there is an offer to make a QR code from outside, because you can be sure that it is a BCA QR Code fraud method.

Is there a way to see your own BCA QR Code on KlikBCA?

Currently the BCA QR code cannot be seen on KlikBCA or other platforms, the BCA QR Code can only be seen on the BCA Mobile application. So, you have to install the latest BCA Mobile application then look at the QR code.

How to Register for QRIS BCA

In the latest BCA Mobile application, the QR Code cannot be seen if you have not registered or activated financial services, therefore you must register first.

For those of you who want to register for QRIS BCA, please follow the steps below:

  1. First, open the web page jasa/e-banking/QRIS.
  2. After the page has successfully loaded, scroll down until you find the “Get Products” menu.
  3. Next, click “Sign up now“.
  4. Please fill in the data in the form “Static QRIS Application” which has been provided.
  5. If the form has been completed, click the “List“.
  6. After registration is complete, you just have to wait some time until the approval is processed. The time required takes a maximum of five working days.

How to Use BCA QR Code (QRIS) for Payments

As additional information, we will also provide a tutorial on how to make payments using QRIS. For those who don’t know for sure, this will be very helpful, when you are at an outlet or merchant and want to make a payment, the payment will be faster with this method.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Open the BCA Mobile application.
  2. Enter m-BCA, enter your PIN code.
  3. Open the BCA mobile QRIS feature which is below the middle.
  4. Scan the recipient’s QRIS code.
  5. See whether the recipient’s name is correct or not, then enter the amount to be transferred.
  6. Enter your m-BCA PIN.
  7. Without waiting long the transaction will be successful.

The final word

That’s the tutorial on how to view the BCA QR Code yourself, it’s very easy, right? If you don’t find the QR Code menu on BCA mobile, try updating the application to the latest version first, then open the BCA mobile application again.

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