How to View Your Own WhatsApp QR Code on an Android Phone

You can see the WhatsApp barcode or QR code in the WhatsApp application on your cellphone, whether on Android or iPhone. To add to this important information, let’s discuss how How to see your own WhatsApp QR code.

This WhatsApp QR code contains information data regarding the use of the WhatsApp application from the beginning to the end of use. The qr code I mean here is the WhatsApp profile QR code, not WhatsApp web.

If it’s about WhatsApp Web, just read the complete guide here > How to Use WhatsApp Web. It’s definitely useful!

Whatsapp barcodes already use the latest version, namely QR Code, which is a type of two-dimensional barcode. This QR code will display various WhatsApp contacts, WhatsApp profiles and chat pages.

Therefore, the WhatsApp QR code is confidential and don’t let other people know about it, because it can be misused by contacting your WhatsApp contacts.

How to View Your Own WhatsApp QR Code

Octoberbe you are curious about how to find out the QR code, you can follow the steps in this article. The way to see your own WhatsApp QR code on your cellphone is as follows:

  1. First of all open the application WhatsApp new version.
  2. Then open options WhatsApp settings by pressing the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  3. Will see qr code icon next to the WhatsApp profile name, press the button.
  4. Then your WhatsApp profile or contact info will appear as a QR code.
whatsapp qr code on cellphone

This QR code is private. If you share it publicly, anyone who sees it can scan it with the WhatsApp camera and add you as a contact on their cellphone.

If you have already shared the WhatsApp QR code and you want to stop or prevent someone from adding your WhatsApp contacts, you can reset the QR code. That way, the QR code that was previously shared will no longer be valid.

Is there a way to find out the WhatsApp QR code of other people or friends?

We can’t find out someone else’s WhatsApp QR code without looking directly through their WhatsApp application, but if that person shares it on public social media and the QR code is still valid, you can see and add WA contacts via the QR code.

Another way is to borrow the person’s cellphone. You can, as long as you know the password to open the WhatsApp application, hehee.

The final word

That’s a short tutorial on how to find out your own WhatsApp barcode. It’s very easy to see it, isn’t it? This QR code feature makes it easier for users to share and add other people’s WhatsApp contacts.

However, you need to be careful when sharing it, because if it has been published, your WA contact could be misused. For example, chat spam or repeated calls, so be careful.

I hope this helps.

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