ID FF FDW efdewe ☂ 45 Original This is the account

ID FF FDW – Millennials must be very familiar with the name of the Free Fire game, a game that carries the Battle Royale genre.

Free Fire is a type of game produced by Garena that can be played solo, duo or squad. This Free Fire game is one of the most popular games in Indonesia from 2023 to 2023 according to the Play Store.

It has been mentioned that the Free Fire game can be played together with friends who we have invited first. If you want to hang out or play together, of course you have to invite the FF ID of the friend you want to play with.

Currently there is a lot of discussion about searching for FF ID names belonging to famous pro players so they can be added.

It’s not without reason that the FF IDs of pro players are much sought after, because if we’re lucky, by playing with pro players you can also learn various new skills directly from them.

One of the well-known figures in the FF community and whose FF ID is much sought after is FDW or Febri Dwi Wicaksono. If you are also curious about the FF ID, read the information below carefully.

What is ID FF FDW

ID FF is one of the features in the Garena Free Fire game which functions as identification or identity as well as a tool for carrying out diamond top up transactions.

It’s like, this FF ID is like a KTP in real life, which functions as identification. Of course, what is meant by ID FF FDW is the identity of Febri Dwi Wicaksono’s Free Fire account, or what is usually called FDW.

Indeed, the FF ID belonging to a famous pro player like FDW is very often searched for and even appears in search engines.

The reason is, if you add the ID and then get it added back by FDW, there is a big chance that you will often be invited to chat, and if you are lucky it will be used as content on their YouTube channel.

Getting to know FDW (efdewe)

After knowing what the basic meaning of ID efdewe is, the next thing you have to know first is the real FF FDW name.

Of course, you have to know the profile of the efdewe ID you want to add first before inviting him to play together. FDW itself is an abbreviation of the real name, namely Febri Dwi Wicaksono.

FDW is a famous influencer, gamer and pro player who has several great achievements, such as winning the Love Tournament and joining Louvre Esports.

Even though he started his YouTube career using a cellphone and editing in an internet cafe, who would have thought that with his skills, FDW would reach the point of success in the world of gaming.

FDW also often shares tips for playing Free Fire with its loyal subscribers.

Original FF FDW ID

original FF FDW ID account

The original FF FDW ID is 48599195. Meanwhile, the original FF FDW account name is efdewe☂ 45. Currently the FF account is part of the FREEDOM 45 squad. However, remember never to misuse the efdewe ID for purposes that harm other people.

Characteristics of a Genuine FF FDW Account

To avoid fake FF efdewe IDs, you also have to understand what the characteristics of a genuine FF FDW account are. The characteristics of the original FDW FF account.

  • Has GG statistics on his profile.
  • The original FF FDW name says efdewe☂ 45, looks cool and unique.
  • The FDW nickname has the number 45 at the top.
  • Joined the FREEDOM 45 squad.
  • Using premium skins on female characters and their pets.
  • Has a Booyah icon on his profile trend.

Cool FF FDW names are created using FF applications or text generators on the internet, such as nickfinder, cool fancy text generator and many more.

That’s a glimpse of the information regarding the original FF FDW ID, hopefully it can be helpful and useful for you. Remember not to misuse the ID for unauthorized purposes.

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