Latest Cool, Colorful & Mentally Attractive FF Rank Bio Code 2023

Many FF players use cool FF bio codes on their profiles. This code can display certain symbols in the FF profile us, gang. There are many code options that we can use, such as display code rank, color, game logo, flagand others.

Apart from beautifying the appearance of the FF profile name, a cool FF bio code can also make us look more professional. So, people who see our profile will think that we are pro players and cannot be taken lightly!

Curious about how to use a cool FF bio code on your profile? Come on, take a look at the list of cool FF bio codes that ApkVenue provides below! You just copy and paste! Guaranteed to be complete and easy!

How to Put the FF Bio Code on Your Profile

First, you need to know how to install the rank code or other codes to create an FF bio aesthetic. Here are the steps.

  1. First, copy the bio code you want in this article.
  2. Open the Free Fire Game.
  3. Click Profile in the left corner.
  4. Choose Edit and look for the column Signature.
  5. Paste the bio code that you copied earlier.
  6. Click Save.
Bio Ff code 0 A9038

So that your bio doesn’t look boring, you can use really cool Free Fire words. Don’t forget to use cool symbols on FF to make it more impressive! Just take a look at the collection of the most updated FF bio codes below, OK!

Beberapa kode bio tidak bisa ditampilkan dalam format yang benar. Kamu bisa klik link yang diberikan untuk melihat dalam format yang seharusnya.

1. Bio Code FF Signal 999 Red

Bio Ff Code How to Use 14503

Likes to banglag when playing FF? So that you don’t get scolded from squadit’s better if you put the bio code FF MAX which shows a red signal on your profile, gang.

This way, when other people see your profile, they will know that your connection is very bad, to the point of showing a high ping of 999 and red signal icon.

In total, there are three red signal code options that you can choose from. The first is a code for bold writing, the second is for not too thick writing, and the last is thin.

2. FF Bio Code Mentally Affected

Bio Code Ff 2 F9058

It doesn’t feel good if your bio words don’t make your enemy mentally affected. Therefore, you must use Free Fire’s mental familiar words as below. Guaranteed, no one dares to mess with you!

  • It’s been prepared, not yet mentally
  • What is shown is the bio profile, what is hidden is mental and skills
  • Those who are just not stupid are not like you
  • 2023 Still getting excited
  • Watch out! Mentally guarded
  • In CS, you become a predator, in ranking you are stupid
  • Your mentality is like crispy crackers!!!
  • Mentally Soft
  • My mood is good, you’re definitely ruined
  • The style is cool, even though it’s cute!
  • The intention to hang out at the bar ended up going awry
  • The strategy has been prepared, why is it still being put together?
  • Small Cave KD, Just like your Skill
  • How many seconds do you want to be slaughtered?
  • The CS mentality doesn’t scare me

3. SadBoy and SadGirl FF Bio Code

Bio Code Ff 3 Cb3bd

Come on, admit it, who likes to be confused because of love problems? Don’t just updates status on Facebook or Twitter, you can also use it Free Fire SadBoy and SadGirl bio codes below to show your sadness.

  • Love Me Please – Please Love Me
  • Love? – Love?
  • Me + … =
  • Nobody Cares – Nobody Cares
  • Me vs Everybody – Me vs Everyone
  • 100% Losers – 100% Losers
  • Can you Give Me Some Love – Will you give Me some love
  • Fuck Love – Fuck Love
  • Just go to the sea
  • Full Of Pain – Full of pain
  • I Don’t F*cking Care – I Don’t Care
  • Forever Loner – Forever Loner
  • I’m OK 🙂 – I’m fine
  • I’m Stressed – I’m Stressed
  • Loser + Trash = Me – Loser + Trash = Me
  • NoFriends – No Friends
  • Who Needs Love? – Who needs love?
  • No Woman No Cry – No Woman, No Cry

4. Bio Code FF V (Verified)

Ff code 1 F8c68

Recently, the Verified symbol has been used a lot by FF players because it reflects influencers FF official.

Actually, the original Verified icon cannot be copied exactly from the original because that is on Garena’s side, just remember influencers official who can have it.

However, don’t worry. The thing is, you can use a special code to display the Verified symbol on your profile. Let’s make it even cooler!

Here is the Free Fire Verified bio code to make you look like influencers FF!

Click link here to see the Verified code in FF in the correct format.

5. Bio Code FF Rank FF

Bio Code Ff 5 D0cc1

In total, there are seven ranks that need to be passed in the Free Fire game. Starting from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, to Heroic.

Of course, to be able to occupy the highest rank in FF, we have to get Booyah often and play well. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always run smoothly because there are quite a few people who are good at playing FF or using applications cheat FF.

So, when we succeed in reaching the highest rank in the game, there is definitely a feeling of pride. So, you can use the FF bio code which displays your rank to show off your high rank, friends. Just enter the Free Fire account bio code for the following rank!

[BUGFFRank] [FFFFOO] * [all-rank]

Click link here to see the Bio FF Rank code in the correct format.

6. Colorful FF Bio Code

Bio Ff code 6 79491

Bored with the same FF bio display? You can also make your FF player bio look more colorful with colorful symbols.

Want to know the FF bio color code to create a rainbow bio or display your favorite color? Just enter cool colorful FF bio codes the following on your account.

  • Red = [FF0000]
  • Purple = [FF00FF]
  • Pink = [FF1493]
  • Black = [000000]
  • Blue = [0000FF]
  • Green = [00FF00]
  • Gray = [808080]
  • Chocolate = [A52A2A]
  • Orange = [FFA500]
  • Gold = [FFD700]
  • Yellow = [FFFF00]

7. Red and White Indonesian Flag Bio FF Code

Bio Ff 7 code 2b084

Apart from displaying rank and colorful symbols, you can also use the red and white flag symbol to show how proud you are to be an Indonesian.

There are two sizes that you can use if you want to look like a cool FF player who is proud to be born in Indonesia. Here is the code.

  • [b][i] [FF0000] [FFFFFF]
  • [b][i] [FF0000] [FFFFFF]

Click link here to see the red and white flag bio code on FF in the correct format.

8. Free Fire Badge Event Season Bio Code

Bio Code Ff 8 61e27

If the choices of rank symbols, colors and flags are still not interesting enough for you, you can display them season event badges as an alternative.

Well, usually every season event on FF has an interesting symbol. This symbol also changes depending on the current season event.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and use this code to make your bio more aesthetic.

Click link here to see the season event bio badge code on FF in the correct format.

9. Free Fire Bio Code, Mobile Legends Game Logo

Bio Code Ff 9 6eeff

As we know, the Mobile Legends game is also one of the popular games in Indonesia. In fact, the number of ML playerbase can be said to rival FF.

If you like playing Mobile Legends, you can also display the ML icon in the Free Fire game to tell other players that you are also an ML player, you know.

This is the code to display the Mobile Legends game logo or symbol. Who knows, someone might be interested in hanging out with you in the ML game!

  • [FF8800][ML]MOBILE
  • [FF8800] LAGENDS

10. PUBG Game Logo Free Fire Bio Code

Bio Code Ff 10 F7ecc

Since its launch in 2023, PUBG immediately attracted the attention of many gamers. This battle royale game has realistic graphics, as well gameplay which is exciting.

It’s not surprising that the mobile version was launched in 2023. Since then, many people have flocked to play this game with squads with cool names or solo.

Just like the ML symbol, you can also show other people that you are a good PUBG player. The way to do this is just to use the code below.

11. Free Fire Bio Code EVOS Team Logo

Bio Code Ff 11 5000e

If you are a true gamer, you are definitely familiar with the EVOS team. EVOS is one of the famous eSports teams that has brilliant achievements.

They have many divisions, starting from PUBG, Mobile Legends, and many more. So, to look like an EVOS pro player, you can also display the EVOS symbol on your Free Fire account profile, friends.

[#0000FF] EVOS

The final word

That’s the collection of the coolest, most complete and newest FF bio codes for 2023. You don’t need to worry about using these codes because you don’t need to break any rules at all. Apart from that, the existing symbols can also make your profile look more aesthetic.


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