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ID FF Sarah Viloid – As a game player, you must be very familiar with this Battle Royale game, right? Yes, the Free Fire game is quite popular among various groups, from adults, teenagers, even children.

In the Play Store version, the Free Fire game was successfully ranked as the most popular game in 2023 and will continue in 2023. This game made by Garena has a very exciting game theme and doesn’t easily make the players feel bored.

Interestingly, because this game is a Battle Royal genre, it can be played by more than one person, namely duo or squad. To be able to play with more than one person, of course you and other users have to add each other.

How to? Namely by inviting each other’s IDs. ID is an important feature that is also found in the Free Fire game. By using this ID, you can do other things.

Talking about ID, famous pro players like Sarah Viloid also have fans who are curious about her FF ID. If you are also one of them, please read the brief information below carefully.

Explanation of Sarah Viloid’s FF ID

Before finding out Sarah Viloid’s real FF ID, it’s a good idea for you to know what the FF ID itself means. ID in the Free Fire game can be thought of as identification or identity for an account.

The identity here is of course different from one player to another. The FF ID is usually a series of unique numbers that have nothing in common with other players.

Not only as an account identity, the FF ID also has other roles that are no less important. The following are several roles or functions of ID in the Free Fire game.

Such as identity and identification on an account, used to invite friends to play together, as a means of diamond transactions such as top ups, buying and selling, or transferring diamonds themselves.

From this, the conclusion that can be drawn from the definition of Sarah Violid’s FF ID is the identity of the account she uses when playing Free Fire.

Original Sarah Viloid FF ID

Sarah Viloid's original FF ID

Not a few of her fans want to know YouTuber Sarah Viloid’s FF ID. If you are also curious, we will give you the following, Sarah Violid’s original FF ID is 120118641.

Characteristics of Sarah Viloid’s FF Account

  1. Using the nickname Ariloid1st
  2. The number of profile likes is above 150
  3. Account level 38
  4. Rank level is still brown
  5. The account description contains I Love Free Fire

About Sarah Viloid

Are you curious about who Sarah Viloid really is? This beautiful girl named Sarah Viloid is a woman born in 2000 and comes from Bekasi, West Java.

He is a famous YouTuber and has earned as many as 4.47 million subscribers to date. Sarah Viloid has YouTube content which often shares content about mobile games such as Free Fire.

An interesting fact about Sarah Violid is that she admits that she has liked esports since she was in high school.

Sarah also has a multitude of achievements to be proud of. He was once a manager, then a player who joined the professional Dota 2 Revival team.

Not only that, Sarah also has a lot of tournament experience from national to international scale.

Her skills in playing Free Fire have made Sarah popular and has many fans.

The final word

That is a glimpse of information about the biodata profile and the FF account ID used by Sarah Violid. Hopefully the information above can be useful and help you in finding the original FF Sarah Violid ID.

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