Latest Small Size PPSSPP PC and Android Games 600++ in 2023

Small Size PPSSPP Games

download small size ppsspp game 2020 – Latest Small Size PPSSPP PC and Android Games 600++ in 2023. Hi friends, PPSSPP game lovers. If you are looking for a PPSSPP game download site, you are in the right place. Especially this time, Rexi will provide a 600++ download list for a collection of Small Size PPSSPP games that you should try. By using the Best HD Quality Iso-Cso Format. Of course, ReXlover friends who love PSP games should not divert their attention from the following review. Because Rexi will provide a complete list.

This small format game will definitely provide many advantages apart from being able to be played on Android smartphone devices and desktop PCs for free. However, users of devices with low specs don’t need to worry when they want to play it.

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Because on average the games below are quite light in size so they will be smooth to play even on a potato spec cellphone.

Rexi itself will provide two game formats, namely the ISO Small Size PPSSPP game. And also small PPSSPP CSO. ReXlover friends can play these two formats on all the PSP emulator applications that you use. Either by using the original emulator or the PSP mod emulator, you know.

The PSP games below range from sizes under 100 MB to PPSPP games which are quite large, namely over 500 MB.

If the size is still too big for you, Rexi has also provided PSSPP games in a smaller size, namely only 50 MB. However, you can only play PSP games with a size of 1GB on Android with high specifications.

By using ISO and CSO formats that have been Highly Compressed. Games with large sizes can be reduced to make it easier for users on both PC and Android devices. Especially those with low specifications can still play the game smoothly.

Apart from that, MisQuin friends can also save more quota when downloading games in the best HD quality.

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However, ReXlover friends need to understand that PSP ISO games usually have a smaller size compared to the PSP CSO game format. So it is not surprising that the PSP ISO game format is better and also more stable when used.

If you look at it in terms of graphics, the ISO format is also considered better because it has game play that can accommodate more characters and material in the game. This is what makes the ISO format considered better than the CSO format PSP games.

But even so, many PSP gamers still prefer to use the CSO format.

Collection of Best Quality Small Size PPSSPP Games 2023

The PPSSPP Game Download For Free list that Rexi shares below is in the form of links obtained from places to download PPSSPP games from various hosting sites. For example: Google Drive, Zippyshare, Mediafire, Mega, Upfile and others.

Just take a look at the complete list of Small Size PPSSPP games. If you want to download the PPSSPP ISO CSO game. You can go to the download page. Rex has prepared the review. And if there is something that makes ReXlover friends interested, just download and play with Rexi!

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Download the Small Size PPSSPP Game


The list of PSP games above consists of two versions, namely the original PSP game. Then the second is the Mod version of the PSP game. If ReXlover friends want to play the modified version of the PSP game or the mod apk. So you have to use the PSP Mod version of the emulator too.

To avoid a black screen on the screen when you just start the game, you must first choose a PSP game that ReXlover friends like. Then download the full free PSP ISO game above via Android or also via desktop.

That’s the list of downloadable small size PPSSPP games that Rexi has put together especially for all ReXlover friends. Criticism and suggestions always Wait for the progress of this website beloved by millions of people. Finally, see you and Wassalam…

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