Original Citer FF Auto Headshot 2023 Anti Banned application

Citer FF application – Young people and even young people are no longer unfamiliar with online games. Especially about using the Citer Headshot FF application. However, most use this application for the need to play online games. Many differences will emerge when someone uses Citer FF and without it.

Here you will share information about the Citer FF application, not just Citer Auto Headshot but Citer FF Diamond Unlimited too. However, first you have to know what the advantages of this Citer FF application are.

Advantages of the Citer FF Application

For those of you who have just explored the world of free fire, you will definitely still feel strange when you find out about the existence of this FF Citer. In fact, there is a lot that can be gained by using Citer and when you use the Citer apk, your chances of winning are greater. Following are some of the advantages of the original Citer FF application.

1. Auto Headshot

The main advantage of Citer FF is auto headshot, which means shots from your FF character will automatically hit the enemy’s head. You don’t need to bother looking for ff headshot methods anymore because there is a Citer application that can help you shoot headshots.

2. Unlimited amount of Gold

Having gold is a dream for you ff game fans. Because when you use Citer you won’t worry about the amount of gold when you play FF ​​games. The number of hold coins can be unlimited and will not run out if used for shopping. Well, this condition is the difference between using the Citer Headshot FF application and also using a regular online game application without Citer.

3. Access to Many Characters

Advantages of the Citer Headshot FF application. Apart from getting unlimited gold, you can also choose all the characters you like. Everything will be automatically free and just choose according to your needs, that way you can play optimally and win. Meanwhile, if you don’t use a character then you have to buy a character and wait for a lot of coins first.

4. Can use various weapon skins

As a professional free fire player, you really need good weapons to fight. By using better weapons, the game will be more classy and exciting. Victory can also be snatched away easily. It is not surprising that Citer users will often win in war. And there is much more that you can get when you use the Citer Headshot FF application.

5. Pets: Free access without upgrading

This is an advantage of the Citer Headshot FF application which is very fun and very profitable. How come ? You can immediately reach the maximum level of the game even in one use. Very fun, right? This advantage will be felt when you become a professional player so you know each strategy and can use it properly.

FF Auto Headshot Cheater Application

Among the Citer FF applications that are most popular is the Citer Headshot FF application. A useful application for shooting enemies with just 1 shot, because 1 shot hits the head with high damage. This ability will make it easier for you to get Booyah! You can download the Citer Headshot FF application for free below.

1. Citer Ruok FF

The Ruok FF citer application is one of the most downloaded apks by Free Fire players, because this application has a headshot citer feature which makes it easier to aim at the enemy’s head.

Ruok FF itself is the name of a Free Fire YouTuber who comes from Thailand. His headshot aiming ability made the audience think that he was using a cheat, in the end a Citer Ruok FF application was created by someone.

Ruok FF Citer application features:

  • Auto Headshot
  • Anti Banned
  • Auto AIM
  • Anti Lag
  • ESP Hack
  • Damage Plus


2. Bellara VIP Apk

Currently, the Bellara VIP application is probably the most sought after and wanted to be used by Free Fire players, because many YouTubers and streamers use this Citer FF application.

The reason many people want to use this application is because there are lots of interesting features that can help players win the game quickly and easily.

Bellara VIP application features:

  • Auto Headshot
  • No Recoil
  • Damage Plus
  • Wallhack
  • Teleport
  • Dark Mode
  • Speed ​​hacks
  • Run with medkit
  • ESP line
  • ESP distance
  • Anti logs
  • Unlock IM


3. Gosensi Apk

The Gosensi application has been around for quite some time, if I’m not mistaken in 2023. Gosensi is an application that can help players get headshots both close and long distance, because this application has a screen smoothing feature so it’s easy to auto headshot.

The advantage of the Gosensi application is that the file size is very small and light, so it doesn’t take up a lot of memory and makes the cellphone lag or crash. Installing Gosensi on an Android cellphone is also easy, no need to root.

Gosensi app features:

  • Auto Headshot
  • Easy Control
  • Anti Lag
  • FPS Booster
  • Graphic Booster
  • Anti Banned
  • Support All Weapons
  • Works on all Android phones


Original Citer FF Application

After seeing the many advantages of using Citer, it’s time for you to find out what the most effective and trusted original Citer FF applications are so that you can increase your skills when playing. These are some of the applications that are often used by Citer gamers.

1. Game Guardian

Online game players are already familiar with this device. The size of the device is quite large, approximately 19.89 MB, by using this application you can activate various systems in online games. By using this device you can access unlimited games so it is easier and more exciting.

2. Cheat Engine

The size of this application is smaller than Game Guardian. It only requires 1.05 MB of space and you can use it. You can download it on Playstore or Appstore so this application is much easier to find because it can be used on all types of cellphones. This device has long been popular among game players or what are usually called gamers.

3. Lucky Patcheer

Then the next most effective Citer Headshot FF application is Lucky Pather, the suspended size is also quite large compared to the previous application, namely around 4.09 MB. However, if the memory and RAM on your cellphone is sufficient, this is of course not a big problem. The benefits are the same as other applications. However, the difference is that using this application will prevent you from being banned or getting viruses on your cellphone or device.

Citer FF Diamond and Skin application

As we know, in the Free Fire game there is a currency called Diamond. Diamonds function as a means of payment in the game, with diamonds you can buy skins, bundles, characters and other items.

These diamonds are not free, meaning you have to buy diamonds by topping up. For beginner survivors who don’t have a lot of money, it will definitely be difficult to buy it. Therefore, a Citer FF Diamond was created which can help novice survivors.

So, here are several Citer FF Diamond applications that you can use for free.

1. Skin Tools

The Skin Tool in the Free Fire game is a third party application that can help you get skins for free. You no longer need to buy or bother participating in events to get this skin.

The skins available on the Skin Tool are very complete, starting from Skin Bundles, Backpacks, Parachutes, Weapons, Vehicles to Backgrounds. Because it is available for free, let’s just say that this tool is an unlimited diamond citer application.


2. FF Mod Apk

As the name suggests, the FF Mod application is a modified version of the Free Fire application developed by a third party. It contains many advanced features that are not in the original version of the game. It’s not surprising that many survivors want to download and try this FF Mod application.

Some of the cool features in the FF Mod application include: unlimited diamonds, auto headshot, no walls, unlimited coins, invulnerable life, auto aim, newest map, unlock all characters, can shoot while swimming


3. Zed VIP Apk

Actually, this is not an unlimited diamond or skin application, but an account hack application. However, by using this application you can get an account that has lots of diamonds and full skins, the way to do this is by hacking.

The Zed VIP application was popularized by a gaming YouTuber who created content about hacking other people’s FF accounts. Hacking other people’s ff accounts is one of the features in this application.

Apart from that, there are lots of other cool features that can make survivors feel satisfied because they can hack Free Fire accounts.


How to Install the Citer FF Application

The Citer application is different from applications that you generally download from official application stores such as the Play Store or App Store. Therefore, not everyone can install and use the Citer FF application.

So, for those of you who want to install the Citer FF application, please follow the steps below.

  1. First download the Citer Headshot FF application first.
  2. Allow the installation of the Citer FF application in the cellphone settings.
  3. Open Settings > Security & Privacy > Check Source Unknown.
  4. If the settings are permitted, try installing the application.
  5. Wait until the installation process is successful.
  6. After that, please try the Citer FF application.
  7. Finished.

Please note that not all Android phones have the same settings, therefore you have to know and find your own way if the settings steps are not the same as what I wrote above.

Is the Citer FF application safe and anti-banned?

Applications that are not downloaded and installed from the Play Store do not guarantee their security, because they are made unofficially and the person who made them is not known. Those of us who are beginners regarding application programs will not be able to know in detail whether the application is safe or not for our cellphones.

Not only on the cellphone, but it can harm the Free Fire account too. Garena Free Fire can permanently ban accounts if there are FF players who cheat, such as using the Citer FF application.

The point is that all Citer FF applications are not safe to play. Therefore, it is best to use a dummy Free Fire account (an unused or new account) when you want to use this Citer application.

So if the Free Fire account gets banned then you won’t be too disappointed because you won’t lose your special Free Fire game account.

The final word

These are some of the original Citer FF applications that you can use when playing the Free Fire game. Select one of the anti-banned Citer FF applications above to get an auto headshot when shooting at enemy characters. And also make sure the ff account you use is not the ff sultan account or your main account, because it would be a shame if it was permanently banned by Garena Free Fire.

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