Original FF BNL ID, this is the Free Fire Account

BNL FF ID – Currently, online games are often discussed, especially because the developments that accompany them are also developing more rapidly.

There are many online game genres available, ranging from casual genres such as feminine for women to the Battle Royale genre which has attracted attention recently. One of the games in the Battle Royale genre that is very much discussed is Free Fire.

Who doesn’t know the online game Free Fire? A game that has gone viral in 2023 until now. Free Fire is proven to have a lot of fans and players who cannot be called small.

In fact, many of the pro players from Free Fire are well known to game lovers, one of the pro players is called BNL. Who is he and what is his FF BNL ID? In this article we will discuss this question thoroughly.


Before discussing in more depth the core of our discussion this time, as an introduction, of course you have to know about IDs and IDs in the Free Fire game. Why is that? This is because as a Free Fire player, we also have to know the terms in it.

One of the important and frequently used terms is ID or what can also be called account identity.

ID is an identity or identifier on an account, here is a Free Fire account. This ID functions to identify the owner of the account, in other words this ID can be used to identify who the owner is.

To search for someone’s game account profile, you can use someone’s FF ID and copy it in the search field.

Now that you know what an ID is, surely now you can conclude the meaning of the FF BNL ID, right? So true. ID FF OP BNL means a series of numbers or codes in the form of an ID and functions as an identification mark for OP BNL. This ID indicates that the account is his.

Original FF BNL ID

original ff op bnl id

So, what is the real FF BNL ID? BNL’s Free Fire ID is 297929835. With the nickname OP BNL. You can copy the ID and paste it in the search field.

Through this ID, you can see the BNL account profile. You can also add a BNL OP ID if you have the opportunity, because who knows, it could be added back. And who knows, you might be lucky enough to be invited to play with him.

Characteristics of the Original FF OP BNL ID

Even though you already know the OP BNL ff ID, you should also know what the characteristics of a real BNL account are like. So, to get to know it, see the characteristics below.

  • Using male characters
  • The ff bnl account name is OP BNL
  • The number of likes has now reached more than 74,800
  • The BNL ff account level has now reached Lv80
  • The account rank is Heroic
  • Already got the HEROIC EMBLEM
  • The Battle Styles used by BNL are Dominator and Wrestler

Getting to know OP BNL

Actually, who is BNL, and what is the real BNL FF ID? BNL is a YouTuber or content creator who comes from the Middle East and has 7.42 million subscribers. BNL is a Free Fire game survivor who comes from Tunisia. However, until now the real name of BNL FF is not known.

His skill in using the M1014 shotgun has earned him the nickname “God M1014”. It’s not surprising that BNL has so many fans who support him playing games, especially Free Fire.

With this skill, BNL managed to win various tournaments so that its name skyrocketed. This pro player really deserves to be called Dewa M1014 because of his skills.

The final word

That is brief information about the description of who and what the BNL FF ID is. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that BNL is one of the most famous pro players, especially among the Free Fire players. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want their FF ID.

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