Original FF Frontal Gaming Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Hello Survivors! This time I will share the original frontal gaming sensitivity settings and the latest version of frontal gaming ff control.

Currently frontal gaming YouTubers are very famous for their epic games when fighting enemies, so it is not uncommon for novice survivors to want to copy the sensitivity settings, custom hud and control settings.

The frontal gaming ff ID is very well known by free fire players in all circles. The videos uploaded every day via their YouTube channel make frontal gaming one of their role models.

Not only as a YouTuber, Frontal Gaming has also been a pro player in one of the well-known esports teams in Indonesia, namely Aura Esport.

So not if beginners in free fire games want to imitate the frontal gaming FF sensitivity settings. OK, maybe you are very curious about the settings, let’s get straight to the main discussion.

Original Frontal Gaming Sensitivity Settings

This is what you are looking for, the latest frontal gaming sensitivity image after the update. Come on, use the best sensitivity settings that have been tried by Fauzi Filawan.

Latest Frontal Gaming FF Sensitivity

The following are the latest sensitivity figures used by Frontal Gaming:

  • Look Around: 100
  • Red Dot Sight: 91
  • 2x Scope: 79
  • 4x Scope: 77
  • AWM/Sniper Scope: 57
  • Look Around: 50

Custom Hud FF Frontal Gaming 2023

Latest custom hud ff frontal gaming

For custom HUD settings, frontal gaming sets the position of the buttons quite uniquely, very different from ordinary players or other pro players. Just look at the shoot, jump, crouch and prone buttons, their positions look unnatural.

Indeed, this setting must be adjusted to suit the comfort of each hand, not everyone can use the free fire frontal gaming controls. It also requires sufficient practice to get used to it.

But if you want to try it, please follow the custom frontal gaming hud like the picture above. Hopefully you can try it smoothly.

Free Fire Frontal Gaming controls

Apart from frontal gaming sensitivity, it is also adjusted in the control menu to make it easier and faster to move the game character. This setting quite affects the gameplay in the FF game.

frontal gaming control settings

The following are the free fire frontal gaming control settings:

  • Aiming precision: Default
  • Shoot Button on Left: Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch: Off
  • Quick Reload: Off
  • AWM Sniping: Press To Scope
  • Vehicle Control: Two Hands
  • In-game tips: Default
  • Auto coast: Off
  • Damage Indicator: Classic
  • Auto Change Weapon: Off

Easy Auto Headshot Tips from Frontal Gaming

We all know that Frontal Gaming is a content creator on YouTube. The uploaded videos are not just for entertainment but share tips and tricks for playing free fire too.

One of the tips that subscribers are really waiting for is how to shoot headshots easily. Are you curious about what tips Fauzi Filawan has shared with his audience?

Here are tips for setting it:

  1. First, you have to find your own version of ff auto headshot sensitivity. The way to do this is to set the sensitivity to a smooth one according to the comfort of your finger.
  2. Custom HUD settings appropriately. You have to determine where the buttons that you think are fast and easy to press are located. One of the most important buttons is adjusting the position and size of the shoot button.
  3. Practice shooting at the enemy’s head as often as possible, this is useful for speeding up your finger reflexes during the war.
  4. When shooting long distances, shoot the enemy gradually so that the recoil remains stable.
  5. When shooting at close range, use crouching and jump techniques for easy headshots

Those are the tips from Frontal Gaming for shooting auto headshots on all weapons. If you want to know the new tips, please watch the videos uploaded on Frontal’s channel.

The final word

After getting the original ff frontal gaming sensitivity and auto headshot tips for all weapons in the free fire game, now is the time for you to practice using these settings and don’t forget to practice the tips that have been given.

For the first time trying the settings above, I recommend not trying it straight away in ranked mode, especially against a duo or squad, which is not recommended.

You must try the frontal gaming sensitivity above in practice mode or classic mode against FF bots. That’s enough for this article, greetings Booyah and good luck!

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