Original Frontal Gaming FF ID and FF Name

Frontal Gaming FF ID – In 2023 to 2023, there is one type of game that is quite popular in various circles and has become the most downloaded game on the Play Store.

The name of the game is Garena Free Fire, a game with the Battle Royal genre. Free Fire is a game that is popular with many people because it is fun to play either solo, duo or squad.

To be able to play together with the friends you want, this game made by Garena provides rules regarding the need to invite the ID of the friend you want to play with.

The FF ID here has quite an important role, because without an ID you can’t play with the people you want to play with. Not only that, the FF ID also has other functions besides inviting people.

Recently, there have been a lot of people looking for information about the FF IDs of several well-known pro players, one of the most sought after pro players is the frontal gaming FF ID.

Why should you be a pro player? Because by getting a pro player’s FF ID, if you are added back by him, you will also have the opportunity to play together.

If you are curious, in this article, we will provide information about the FF ID belonging to one of the famous pro players, namely Frontal Gaming.

What is the FF Frontal Gaming ID?

FF ID is one of the terms found in this game, namely as a form of identification or player identity. Before finding out about Frontal Gaming’s FF ID, it’s a good idea for you to first know the meaning of FF ID itself.

The FF ID for each account is definitely different, there is no similarity between one player and another.

Apart from being an identity, this FF ID function can be used as a tool for diamond transactions and for inviting friends. Of course, pro players like Frontal Gaming also have an FF ID on their account. And until now, many people are still looking for the name of Frontal Gaming’s real ID.

Who is Frontal Gaming?

Frontal Gaming is actually an FF player whose real name is Muhammad Fauzi Filawan, and is familiarly known as Fauzi Filawan.

Currently he is married and 18 years old, and was born in Lampung City. Of course, Fauzi Filawan’s hobby is none other than playing games, one of which is the Free Fire game.

His focus is on the Free Fire game so he can play very epicly, which makes his name famous in the FF community because he has extraordinary gaming skills.

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Frontal Gaming is often nicknamed the Father of Jump Shoot by netizens. Not only is he involved in the world of gaming, Fauzi has also entered the world of merchandise and clothing business.

Fauzi Filawan is one of the gamers who is a member of Aura Esport.

FF Frontal Gaming ID and FF Frontal Gaming Name

Frontal Gaming’s FF ID is 225009777. This ID is Frontal Gaming’s original ID.

If you ask what is the name of the frontal gaming ff account? The current name of the frontal gaming ff is the letters FG with cool and unique writing. You can see the frontal gaming nickname as in the following image.

original frontal gaming ff ID number

Characteristics of the Original FF Frontal Gaming Account

Indeed, there are lots of people who claim to be Frontal Gaming, this of course makes you nervous, doesn’t it?

In order to differentiate between real and fake, you have to pay attention to the characteristics of a genuine FF Frontal Gaming account, namely:

  • Using male characters
  • Account level has reached Lv69
  • The number of likes on the FF account has exceeded 22,000 likes
  • Always buy an elite pass every month
  • Become a member of Aura Esports
  • The name of frontal gaming on ff now is FG

The final word

That’s a glimpse of the information we can convey about the original FF ID belonging to Frontal Gaming. Hopefully the information above can be useful and help you find Frontal Gaming’s original FF ID.

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