Proven Ways to Get Free FF Diamonds 2023

How to get free FF diamonds – Free Fire is one of the best online games in Indonesia with an exciting battle genre. For those of you who have just tried the FF game, you will definitely feel how exciting this online game is.

Free fire is included in the game category pay to win, the more diamonds you have to buy weapon items on ff, the greater your chance of winning. That’s why many players are looking for ways to get free FF diamonds without top up, hehe.

What is Diamond FF

Diamond FF is the currency in the Free Fire game. Apart from the free fire diamond game, it also applies to other online games, such as the Mobile Legends game, Hago and others.

As we know, every online game must have diamonds or what is simply called cash. This money can be used to buy various items and skins needed in the free fire game.

How to Get FF Diamonds

Every player is aiming for a large number of diamonds so they can do a spin royale or buy various equipment at the free fire game shop.

There are 2 ways to get FF diamonds, namely buying (top up) and free. Generally, to get this diamond you have to buy it, you can buy FF diamonds at Lazada, Shoppe, Indomaret and many other free fire diamond shops.

However, now I will inform free fire game fans how to get free fire diamonds for free, without a penny.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds without an Application

Octoberbe you often ask on the internet or to friends how to get free diamond free fire.

The method that I will provide includes how to get free FF diamonds safely without worrying about getting banned which will endanger your account.

The following method has also been applied by many professional players, you know.

OK, straight away, here are the ways you can get free Free Fire diamonds that work 100%.

1. Free FF Diamonds from the Web Points Site

web points site

The first way, you can get free diamond free fire via the web points site. First, you have to collect a lot of points which can later be used to buy free fire diamonds.

Well, the way to collect points is also very easy, you only need to fill out simple surveys, play games, and complete various exciting missions.

Apart from collecting points that can be used to buy diamonds, you also have the opportunity to get an e-wallet balance. From that balance you can also use it to top up FF for free.

2. Free FF Diamond Giveaway

The easiest way, you can take part in giveaway quizzes held by influencers, YouTube streamers or various diamond online stores that hold large giveaway events. Usually they will give a giveaway in the form of free diamond free fire.

For this reason, you must always update on social media regarding these online game events. You can also join gamers groups which can be used as a medium for exchanging information if there is an event holding a giveaway.

Please look for the 2023 free FF diamond giveaway on various social media.

IMPORTANT! Never believe and try to take part in free fire events that are shared on Facebook groups, Instagram or websites directly, because your free fire account will be hacked and cannot be restored.

Usually they act by sharing a link containing the contents of the page from registration such as ff account name, email account, birthday or even password.

3. Participate in the Free Fire Tournament with FF Diamond Prizes

Several communities hold many free fire tournament events with attractive prizes, one of the prizes is definitely diamond free fire. If you have decent playing skills, you can take part in the fre fire tournament.

Apart from being able to get free diamonds for free fire, you can also measure how far your free fire skills are, who knows, now you are really a pro at playing this free fire game.

For any tournament that is being held, you have to look for lots of information by checking social media or joining free fire game groups.

4. FF Redeem Code from Garena

Every time there is a big event, Garena usually always gives out free FF diamonds, both in the game and outside the game.

Like the event of distributing diamonds while in the free fire lobby. FF players can share diamonds with each other through special items such as planting trees, then other players can take FF diamonds from the tree (limited to 1-2 players).

If you are outside the game, you can get FF diamonds with a code.

Garena free fire often distributes ff diamonds via redeem code. Players who have a free FF diamond redeem code can exchange it via the link

Here’s how to exchange the FF redeem code to get free FF diamonds from Garena:

  1. Open the official site
  2. Login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Apple ID account.
  3. Enter the redeem code you have.
  4. Next select “Confirmation“.
  5. Prizes will be sent to your Free Fire account within 24 hours.

Get Free FF Diamonds with Money Making Applications

Apart from the free method above, there is another way to get free fire diamonds for free, namely with the help of money and coin earning applications. Here are some applications that you can try.

1. Poll Pay application

poll pay money maker

You can also use the Poll Pay money-making application. Not much different from web points sites, this application also works by collecting points and then these points can be exchanged for online game vouchers.

The way to collect points is quite easy, you can fill out simple surveys, play games and watch videos. Money-making applications include Cash Tree, Cash Pop, or Whaff. You can download this application for free on Playstore.

2. AttPoll App

Next is the AttPoll application which can help you get FF diamonds for free. The way this application works is to complete a survey event given by the AttPoll admin.

After completing the survey you will be paid in digital currency dollars. The minimum search is $3. If you have earned $3, you can withdraw it to PayPal and then to your personal account.

3. PulKuis application

In accordance with the slogan of the PulKuis application “Play quizzes to get credit”. This application offers its users to play interesting quizzes, after taking the quiz the user will get credit.

The more quizzes you complete, the more credit you get. So, you can later buy legal FF diamonds with this credit.

4. Snack Video Application

Surely you are already familiar with this application. Yes, Snack Video is an entertainment application containing funny video content. Users can earn money by watching videos available in the application.

Lately, Snack Video also often holds big events, anyone who takes part in the event can get a lot of money easily. The way to do this is by inviting friends who have never installed the Sncak Video application on their cellphone.

Avoid getting FF diamonds with dangerous applications and sites

In recent weeks, there have been lots of websites offering fake applications, scripts and sites that promise to get free FF diamonds quickly.

An example is the Kugar-Ml Event generator site. The risks that must be borne when using a diamond generator site are:

  • Garena banned the ff account.
  • The cellphone has a virus.
  • Your digital data is misused.
  • The biggest possible loss for you is that your FF account was taken by the creator of the generator site.

The final word

That’s the trick on how to get free FF diamonds safely. You can apply the methods above and of course they are safe for your free fire account.

And remember, never be tempted if someone offers you a way to get diamonds easily. Because it could be a trap to take your free fire account.

That’s all for today’s article, good luck.

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