Real FF Rasyah Rasyid ID, check his account here

Original Rasyah Rasyid FF ID – Recently, many mobile phone games have become popular among various groups, from children to adults.

One type of game that is also very popular is Free Fire, a game with a Battle Royal theme produced by Garena. In 2023, this game was ranked as the most popular and most downloaded game on the Play Store.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many users are still loyal to playing the Free Fire game even until 2023. The excitement of this game also lies in the game system which can be played solo, duo or squad.

In general, people call it mabar or playing together in slang. Of course, one of the conditions to be able to play together is that you need a friend’s ID first so you can be invited to play together.

Talking about ID, in the Free Fire game, the same as other games, this game also has an ID for each player who participates in it. Not only ordinary players, even pro players also definitely have an ID for their Free Fire account, one of which is Rasyah Rasid.

With this ID, you will certainly have the opportunity to invite this person to play together. To make it clearer, pay attention to the explanation regarding Rasyah Rasid’s FF ID.

About ID FF Rasyah Rasyid

First discussion, before you know what pro player Rasyah Rasyid’s FF ID is, you must first know what the FF ID itself means. The ID in a game account, including Free Fire, is an identification feature to show that the account is yours.

This Free Fire game ID must be owned by every Free Fire player. Rasyah Rasyid is no exception, he also definitely has his own FF ID.

Please note that these FF IDs are different from each other, meaning there will not be the same ID between players or other players. Talking about Rasyah Rasyid’s FF ID, his ID has become a hot topic of conversation because it is often sought after by other FF players.

The reason is, if you succeed in getting his ID, you will also have the opportunity to play with Rasyah Rasyid. Can’t imagine what it’s like to play with pro players?

Who is Rasyah Rasyid?

After knowing the meaning of Rasyah Rasyid’s FF ID, it feels incomplete if you don’t know more about this pro player.

Rasyah Rasyid, is a famous gamer and YouTuber. Who would have thought, the pro player from evos named Rsyah Rasyid was still in the 5th grade of elementary school and was 11 years old.

However, EVOS Rasyah Rasyid earned the nickname “Ajaib Little” because his skills in playing FF games were on par and even surpassed the skills of adult survivors.

Rasyah Rasyid lives in Makassar, just like WawanMKS, Bang Fayad, even RandMKS. Rasyah Rasyid admitted that he started a YouTube channel in 2023 with the name “Paw Ras”.

However, Rasyah Rasyid only started his career as a Free Fire content creator in 2023. In fact, he was once the Top Global Fanny in Mobile Legends, which made his name even more famous.

Original Rasyah Rasyid FF ID

Rasyah Rasyid's original ff ID

The FF account or ID used by Rasyah Rasid is number 552992060.

Characteristics of the Original EVOS Rasyah Rasyid Account

After knowing Rasyah Rasyid’s original FF ID, you also need to know the characteristics of Rasyah Rasyid’s original profile ID. Because thanks to his skills as a pro FF player, quite a few claim to be him in Free Fire.

The following are the characteristics of the ff account:

  1. Has more than 20,000 likes
  2. The ff account name is EVOS RASYAH!
  3. His current account level is 68.
  4. Heroic emblem status is not yet active.
  5. Using Indonesia’s country status.

That’s a glimpse of information about Rasyah Rasid’s FF ID which he uses to play the game as well as interesting information about Rasyah Rasyid and a brief bio of his skills which are recognized by other players. Hopefully this information can help those of you who are looking for Rasyah Rasyid’s FF ID.

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