Ruok FF Genuine Auto Headshot Sensitivity 2023

Original Ruok FF Sensitivity – One of the most popular games because it is played by many people at the moment is Garena Free Fire. This Battle Royal shooting genre game is a type of game produced by Garena.

Most millennials definitely know this shooting game because it was one of the most downloaded games on both the Play Store and Apps Store.

In the Free Fire game itself, there is a sensitivity setting that can be adjusted according to your own wishes. Usually, many players imitate the sensitivity settings shared by reliable and well-known pro players.

This is natural to do, because when playing the Free Fire game, players are not only focused on individual skins, but sensitivity settings are also very influential.

Usually pro players who often share their sensitivity settings know Free Fire tricks very well, one of which is Ruok.

ID FF Ruok is one of the pro players who also shares the secret of setting his sensitivity to auto headshot while playing. If you are curious about what the settings are like, read the explanation below carefully.

Short Profile of Ruok FF

If you have been involved in the world of Free Fire for a long time, then you will definitely be very familiar with this name. Ruok FF is the name of a YouTube channel that provides content about the Free Fire game.

Please note that Ruok is a pro player from Thailand and has 7.59 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

His skill in playing the very epic Free Fire game has made Ruok FF very famous. It is not uncommon for his haters to think that his playing skills are nothing more than using cheats.

However, this truth has not been proven so far, in fact Ruok FF has shared a sensitivity setting formula that makes the game very epic.

Ruok FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity Settings

Octoberbe you are wondering what the ff traffic sensitivity number is after the update? Don’t worry, here you will get the sensitivity settings for the latest version of Ruok.

You must first understand how Ruok FF’s sensitivity settings are. You need to pay close attention to this, remembering that the sensitivity settings made by Ruok are the key to his success in playing Free Fire very epicly.

The following are the original ruok ff sensitivity settings:

  • Look Around: 91
  • Red Dot Sight: 85
  • 2x Scope: 86
  • 4x Scope: 90
  • Sniper/AWM Scope: 100
  • Look Around: 100
original ruok ff sensitivity

How to Set Sensitivity Like Ruok FF

After understanding the sensitivity settings used by Ruok FF, surely you are excited to play the game to get auto headshots, right?

Before that, you also have to apply Ruok’s sensitivity settings to your own sensitivity settings.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Login to account Free Fire.
  • Go to menu “Arrangement“.
  • Select menu “Sensitivity“.
  • Then follow the sensitivity settings according to Ruok’s above.

Please note that there is no ruok ff apk sensitivity, ruok ff does not use additional applications to adjust its sensitivity.

Ruok FF DPI settings

Before continuing to discuss Ruok FF sensitivity settings, you must set the DPI first. Below are the steps to set DPI settings on all types of Android phones.

  1. First of all, turn on the cellphone first and go straight to the settings section.
  2. Search menu “About Mobile“.
  3. On option “Version“, tap it several times until the notification display appears.”Active Development“.
  4. Select menu “Additional Settings“.
  5. Press option “Min or Max Width“, then change it to 600.

That is Ruok ff’s original sensitivity setting which is the secret to his success in playing the epic Free Fire game. You can modify the settings slightly to better suit your own playing style.

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