The most complete Indonesian Youtuber FF ID, check his account here

YouTuber FF ID – The rise of internet sophistication has indeed made many changes from time to time. In the past, playing online games was something that was quite foreign, now it has become something that is done almost every day. This cannot be separated from the rapid progress of technology so that many developers are creating online games. One of them is the Free Fire game.

Surely most of you are familiar with Free Fire, right? Yes, currently many people are playing this game, including gaming YouTubers.

Talking about gaming YouTubers, maybe you are curious about what FF ID they have, right? Don’t worry, in this article we will discuss the most complete collection of Indonesian YouTuber FF IDs. has succeeded in collecting several original FF IDs belonging to Indonesian FF YouTubers. Check out the explanation below.

Collection of Indonesian Youtuber FF IDs

By knowing the FF ID of a famous YouTuber from Indonesia, you have the opportunity to play together. Even if you can’t hang out, at least you know the real YouTuber’s FF ID. So, here is a brief review of the famous Free Fire Indonesian YouTubers and their FF ID numbers.

1. Budi01 Gaming

The first YouTuber who was also included as a Free Fire pro player was Budi Gaming. Budi Gaming is also part of a squad called UWDE. Currently, Budi Gaming has 10 million subscribers. Budi Gaming’s FF ID is 119413181 with the name ZhaFiRa UWDE.

2. FDW

Next, the second Indonesian YouTuber we will discuss is FDW. FDW himself started his career with only a cellphone and editing in an internet cafe. FDW actually stands for Febri Dwi Wicaksono. Meanwhile, FDW’s ff ID is 48599195, and he is also part of the FREEDOM 45 squad.

3. Corporal Jono

The next Indonesian YouTuber and Free Fire pro player is Corporal Jono. Corporal Jono is also synonymous with the title Free Fire prankster. Because most of the YouTube content presented is about pranks. Corporal Jono’s original FF ID is 245822250.

4. Cepcil

Fourth, the next Indonesian YouTuber FF ID is an FF content creator with interesting YouTube content, namely Cepcil. Who doesn’t know Cepcil FF? Cepcil is a pro FF player who also doubles as a YouTuber. The most visited content is about alliances with enemies. From this content, Cepcil is often nicknamed the King of the Alliance. This is the FF ID used by Cepcil when playing Free Fire, 13068094.

5. Rasyah Rasyid

Octoberbe the famous YouTubers above are quite normal if they are considered pro FF players, considering their age and experience. However, the case is different for Rasyah Rasyid, a 5th grade elementary school boy who is also a famous YouTuber. Rasyah Rasyid has been a content creator since 2023 and has earned the nickname “Magic Boy” in online games. Here is Rasyah Rasyid’s FF ID which you can enter his account, 552992060.

6. Frost Diamond

The Indonesian YouTuber we will discuss next is Frost Diamond. This man, whose real name is Kananda Widyantara, born in 1997, is also a gaming YouTuber who is no less famous. The number of subscribers he has to date is around 19 million. The FF Frost Diamond ID is 821587717.

7. Ex Sam

Ex Sam is also included in one of the lists of gaming YouTubers, especially FF, who has a YouTube channel with gaming content. To date, Ex Sam already has 4.5 million subscribers. The following is the ff id of YouTuber Ex Sam that you should know, 93770833.

8. Frontal Gaming

Frontal gaming is famous for its jump shot technique (jumping while jumping) when using a close-range weapon, namely a shotgun. Because of his prowess, Frontal is nicknamed the father of the Free Fire jumpshot. If you want to know Frontal’s FF ID, 225009777 is the original Frontal ID number. See also: Frontal Gaming’s real name

9. Dyland Pros

Dyland Pros has been involved as a content creator on YouTube for a long time, initially he was not an FF YouTuber but a YouTuber with various kinds of content he created. However, in recent years, Dylan Pros has focused on uploading content related to the Free Fire game. For those of you who want to know his ff ID, here is Dylan Pros’ original ff ID 16207002.

10. Letda Hyper

I know very well Letda Hyper’s struggle to become the famous FF YouTuber he is now. Initially he only focused on live streaming playing the Free Fire game, maybe he realized that streaming alone would not quickly develop his YouTube channel. Finally, this Lieutenant also started diligently uploading Free Fire content that was more than 10 minutes long. Many of you want to know the letda ff ID, the letda hyper ff account has the number 87980657.

11. Randy Rangers

Who doesn’t know the FF YouTuber Rendy Rangers, I think all FF players who actively watch YouTube definitely know who Rendy Rangers is. He is a YouTuber who diligently uploads ff content such as elite pass leaks, skin reviews, finding ff bugs and much more. Rendy Rangers’ ff ID is 10657119.

12. Randy R

Who doesn’t know Rendy R, his Free Fire freestyle (pepengsut) videos always amaze his subscribers. It’s not surprising that many members want to know their original FF account. The ID of Free Fire YouTuber Rendy R is 238297973.

13. Wiliam Gz

Wiliam Gz is one of the FF YouTubers who is currently on the rise, his Free Fire videos are always trending in the gaming category. If you want to make friends (if you have the opportunity), please add Wiliam Gz’s ff ID below 154924868.

14. Mr 05

You all definitely know this YouTuber, because Mr 05 is a pro player from one of the best esports teams, namely EVOS. Mr 05 and his EVOS Capital team have also won the most prestigious event, namely world champion at Free Fire World CUP 2023. The following is Mr 05’s original FF ID, 157915515.

15. Evos Street

Apart from being a pro FF player on the EVOS team, EVOS Street is also an FF YouTuber who often uploads Free Fire game play videos. Many people are amazed by the game, so they feel like making friends in the Free Fire game. So, for those who want to add to your friends list, please add the following Evos Stree ff ID 477605595.

16. Wawan MKS

One of the old FF YouTubers who still consistently updates Free Fire content is Wawan MKS. His career on YouTube continued to develop after joining the AURA FIRE esports team. And if you know the words “Brazil do you ready to lose”, well he is that person. Wawan MKS’s ff ID is 10011237.

17. Moz1la

Moz1la is also an old YouTuber who is focused and consistent in uploading Free Fire game content, and this is still continuing. It’s not surprising that YouTube members really want to make friends in the game. So, for those of you who want to add friendship with Moz1la, please add the following Moz1la ff ID 420654496.

18. Hiro 10

Hiro 10 is also famous for its auto headshot in barbaric games. For this reason, many people want to know the Hiro 10 ff auto headshot sensitivity settings. Apart from the sensitivity settings, many ff players also want to know the Hiro 10 ff youtuber ID. So, I’ll just tell you the Hiro 10 ff account number, namely 79601890.

19. Mas Aden Official

Even though YouTuber Mas Aden rarely uploads Free Fire videos, it turns out that many people want to know his FF ID. The following is Mas Aden Official’s ff ID 679412561. Mas Aden has also made a video on how to headshot ff, so if you want to learn headshots or pepengshots, you can watch the tutorial on Mas Aden Official’s YouTube channel.

20. Notnot

NotNor is a beautiful girl from Bandung who has a career in an esports team as well as being a tiktoker and YouTuber. Many teenagers, especially boys, want to get to know him closely, both on social media and also in the Free Fire game. For those of you who want to be friends with NotNot in the Free Fire game, please add the following NotNot ff ID 1625352505.

The final word

That’s the information I can provide about the most complete Indonesian Youtuber FF ID. Actually, not everything is listed above, there are some that have not been written. Octoberbe later it will be updated regularly to complete this YouTuber FF ID article.

And to search for the account, you only need to copy the FF ID to the account search page on Free Fire, then 1 original account will appear. That’s all for this article, I hope it helps.

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