This is the correct and easy way to play PPSSPP Android Emulator!

“A powerful technique that answers how to use and play the PPSSPP emulator game application on an Android cellphone”

Buy gems, buy diamonds, in the end you end up spending more money just so you can compete with other players.

It’s just that sometimes I actually miss the old school console games.

The gameplay and atmosphere of the rental really made an impression.

So much so, the smell of the rental can still be smelled to this day, ugh..

But don’t be sad yet sirNow we can cure that feeling of longing again, one of which is by playing PSP.

And play PSP games, now nope you have to use PSP…


There’s already PPSSPP…

Don’t worry, I will explain step by step how to use PPSSPP so that you don’t get confused by it.

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How to ?

For those of you who are curious about how to play the PPSSPP emulator on Android, there are several steps you must take.

Yes, to find pleasure there must be a little struggle.

Don’t worry, all the steps that I will share are very easy

All you need is a passion for playing games and a supporting platform, such as an Android cellphone, iPhone, or even a computer with various operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).

OK, if you feel like you have one of these platforms, just install PPSSPP.

For Android users, you don’t need to look for how to download PPSSPP, just type PPSSPP in the Play Store, then install straight away.

It’s free, whether it’s the regular one or the Gold version (paid), there’s no difference in terms of performance.

OK, to make things easier for Android users, you can follow the following link to download PPSSPP

Find it on Google Play

It’s just that for iPhone users, sorry, how to install PPSSPP on an iPhone is a bit complicated.

The reason is, installing PPSSPP on iOS involves a system modification process, aka jailbreak.

If I included the method here, it would be too long.

OK, after opening, the general appearance of PPSSPP is as shown in the image below.

how to use ppsspp
PPSSPP browser games display

So, basically, there are only 3 steps to using PPSSPP

#1. Prepare game files

For game files, it is recommended that you use the games you have on your PSP, because only this method is recognized as legal or legal.

But if you don’t have one, that’s okay.

We can use an unauthorized method, namely by downloading PSP games on a website, called coolrom.

There you can download all kinds of console games in .iso or .cso format, including this PSP game.

The size of the game varies, from under 100 MB, to 2 GB, depending on the game title.

So, choose 1 game that you like, and wait until the download process is complete.

how to use ppsspp
ppsspp browser game display with several games

If you download it on a computer, then transfer the ISO or CSO file to your cellphone’s storage memory before you can play it on the emulator.

In the PPSSPP application, you can select the Games tab and search for the game file that was prepared earlier.

After meeting, we move on to the next step.

#2. Adjust the game settings to get maximum performance

This is what’s interesting about PPSSPP.

Because this is emulatorsso it doesn’t work like a PSP in general, where you just install the game and play straight away.

Well, this game setting aims to “outsmart” games that can’t perform maximum, or even improve the graphics of the game.

Indeed, most games can run fine with the default PPSSPP settings.

But there are some games that require special settings, such as the God of War series for example.

how to use ppsspp
settings display

Well, for the display settings In my opinion, it is quite confusing for those who are just starting to play PPSSPP, especially the terms used.

Meanwhile, just let the game you are playing run on settings default or default.

Don’t go in yet tinker.

Just step on the gas, choose the game you prepared earlier.

Look at the game first, if it runs smoothly then there’s no need to change anything.

If you have lagging and there is a problem, then you can find a solution by playing with the settings.

#3. Enjoy playing with maximum performance

Actually, I didn’t want to include this step

But this is so that you are optimistic in the process of preparing PPSSPP so that it can be played.

Of course, as I said earlier, not all games play smoothly on the default settings.

But you are free to change the settings, even when playing.

So you can experiment with different settings.

So, that’s a very easy guide on how to use the PPSSPP emulator.

If there are problems, you can share them in the comments column.

I will definitely help.

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