Verified FF Logo Bio Code + How to Add in Free Fire Profile Bio

Verified FF Bio Logo Code + How to Add it to Free Fire Profile Bio – Free Fire is a survival shooter game which is currently very famous in Indonesia. This game has also given birth to many influencers, in this case YouTubers.

Currently, we can find lots of YouTubers who have big names because of the Free Fire game. For example, FrontaL Gaming, Budi 01 Gaming, Letda Hyper, and others who have succeeded in getting millions of subscribers just by playing the Free Fire game.

These YouTubers are definitely well known to Free Fire players and have a huge influence. Seeing this, Garena Free Fire introduced the Verified Badges feature.

So, this time will discuss the Verified FF Logo Code + How to Add it to the Free Fire Profile Bio. To understand it better, let’s first discuss the Verified Badges Free Fire feature.

What are Verified Badges

Simply put, Verified Badges are similar to check (verified) accounts on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Verified Badges are given to the accounts of famous Free Fire players who have many fake accounts circulating.

That way, we can find out if a famous player’s account is genuine or not. We can see the verified logo on the Avatar or Dislpay Picture of the verified account.

Surely you have seen YouTubers or Free Fire game streamers with verified logos on their accounts, for example Letda Hyper and Frontal Gaming.

Well, it turns out we can put the verified FF logo in the Free Fire account profile bio, you know!

Even though it’s only in the bio, not in the avatar, this will make our Free Fire bio look cooler, unique and aesthetic. Apart from that, we also install the verified logo to indicate that the account is ours, yes, even though it can be imitated.

So, for those of you who are interested in adding the verified FF logo in your Free Fire account profile bio, the tutorial has been explained below. For those of you who need a bio, please read the collection of cool, sad, mental and aesthetic FF bios.

How to Add the Verified FF Logo in Free Fire Profile Bio

The appearance of the Free Fire verified badges logo is the yellow letter V. It turns out that we can also create a verified FF logo, even if it’s only in the FF profile bio, you know! The appearance is even very similar to the original.

To create a verified FF logo badge, we need a verified FF logo code. Don’t worry, the code has been shared below, so just copy and paste.

Here’s how to add the verified FF logo in your bio:

  1. First, please copy the verified FF logo code below.
  2. Open your Free Fire game.
  3. Enter the profile menu.
  4. Tap the pencil icon.
  5. Edit Signature.
  6. Paste the code that was copied below.
  7. Save.

Verified FF Logo Bio Code

The following is the verified logo code for Free Fire (FF) badges:

[b][c][FFD319]Ⓥ [CCCCCC]MEDIARALE.COM[0099FF][i]√

Verified FF Logo Bio Code

For MEDIARALE.COM you can change it as you like. It could be with words or maybe your Free Fire nickname.

The final word

That’s the Verified FF Logo Code + How to Add it to the Free Fire Profile Bio. In essence, we only need the code to create a verified Free Fire logo. For the code + tutorial, it has been explained in full above.

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