What time is Mandiri Offline Schedule 2023? Check the time here

Independent Offline Schedule – At certain hours, Bank Mandiri will schedule offline services so that all transactions carried out during those hours will experience delays.

However, customers don’t need to worry because the independent offline schedule is only valid at certain hours so that after that schedule, transactions can be carried out as usual.

Bank Mandiri Offline Schedule

During offline hours, customers cannot make transactions at ATM machines or internet banking and m banking. All transactions will be delayed until Bank Mandiri’s schedule is online again.

The following is Bank Mandiri’s 2023 offline schedule:

  • Monday: 23.00 – 04.00 WIB
  • Tuesday: 23.00 – 04.00 WIB
  • Wednesday: 23.00 – 04.00 WIB
  • Thursday: 23.00 – 04.00 WIB
  • Friday: 23.00 – 04.00 WIB
  • Saturday: 21.00 – 05.00 WIB
  • Sunday: 21.00 – 05.00 WIB

At that time, transactions will be pending until the end of the Mandiri offline schedule period. And once completed, all transactions that were previously pending will be completed automatically by the system.

Benefits of Knowing Bank Mandiri’s Offline Schedule

For MSME players who depend on interbank online payments, knowing this offline schedule is very important. If the customer has confirmed the payment and it turns out no money has entered your account, then don’t panic because it could be that Bank Mandiri is currently offline.

Apart from that, if you have to do it with a supplier, you should avoid Bank Mandiri’s offline hours so that there are no transaction delays the next day.

This also applies to the financial department of companies or agencies that are Bank Mandiri customers. Very important payments should not be made during Bank Mandiri’s offline schedule hours. It is highly recommended to make payments to suppliers on a scheduled basis so that there is no possibility of payment during offline hours.

By knowing Mandiri’s offline schedule, all customers can determine when to make a transfer so that it can be immediately received by the recipient’s account at that time.

By knowing the offline schedule, there is no misunderstanding between bep and the seller who carries out a bep selling transaction and both can wait until the money is actually confirmed to have entered the account before the goods delivery process can be carried out.

What Happens During Mandiri Offline Hours

During Mandiri’s offline schedule, all of the following customer transactions will experience delays.

  • Transfer transactions via ATM will experience delays. So if you make a transfer to another account number, the transaction processing will be carried out when offline hours have finished.
  • Fund transfer transactions via mobile banking will experience delays. Don’t panic when someone has sent proof of transfer but when you check there hasn’t been any money in your account. Wait until morning until the service is back online.
  • Fund transactions via Mandiri Internet Business will experience delays. In large independent business customers, even though they insist that fund transfers be carried out as soon as possible, if they have reached offline hours, they still have to wait until online services are reintroduced by the Bank.

All the transactions above will be processed when the bank system is online again. However, transactions such as cash deposits and cash withdrawals via ATM can still be done.

Use Other Payment Method Transactions

  • If you are forced to make a transaction during Mandiri’s offline schedule, there are other payment options such as via e-wallet. However, you need to have a balance that you must deposit in your e-wallet so that you can transfer a certain amount of funds.
  • If possible, companies should use payment gateway services to make it easier for customers to make payments. By using payment gateway services, customers can choose to make payments using virtual accounts, e-wallets and also payments through retail outlets. Apart from that, sellers can also receive payments periodically so they can manage their cash flow better.
  • For payments to suppliers, it would be better if payments to suppliers are made on a scheduled basis to avoid sudden payments and delays in payment transactions.
  • Customers can also make a down payment model to the supplier so that the supplier already has money in hand before making the delivery.

The final word

Now that you know Mandiri’s offline schedule, you should immediately take the best precautions so you don’t make payments on that schedule.

However, this bank’s offline schedule is actually not that long and it’s not operational hours, so waiting just a few hours shouldn’t be a problem. The most important thing is that proof of transfer has been sent as proof that payment has been made.

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