Wild Rift: How to Play Caitlyn – Best Build and Starting Guide

Wild Rift: How to Play Caitlyn – Best Build and Starting Guide

Wild Rift: How to Play Caitlyn – Best Build and Starting Guide

Caitlyn is a marksman champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift with great range and burst damage. Playing her effectively requires good positioning and accuracy in aiming her long-ranged abilities. This guide will provide you with tips on how to play Caitlyn, the best build to use, and the ideal starting strategy.

Best Build for Caitlyn:

  • Blade of the Ruined King: This item provides attack damage, lifesteal, and a passive that deals bonus damage based on the target’s maximum health.
  • Infinity Edge: This item is essential for Caitlyn as it greatly increases her critical strike damage.
  • Rapid Firecannon: This item extends Caitlyn’s attack range and grants bonus magic damage on hit.
  • Phantom Dancer: This item provides attack speed, critical chance, and a passive that grants a shield when Caitlyn’s health drops below a certain threshold.
  • Mortal Reminder: Against teams with heavy healing, this item reduces the target’s healing effects and provides bonus attack damage.
  • Bloodthirster: This item offers high lifesteal, attack damage, and a shield that protects Caitlyn from burst damage.

Starting Guide:

During the early game, focus on farming and harassing your opponent from a safe distance with your basic attacks and Piltover Peacemaker ability. Use Yordle Snap Trap to set up traps in bushes or key areas to control the map.

Once you reach level 6, Caitlyn’s ultimate ability, Ace in the Hole, becomes available. This ability has global range, making it a powerful tool for finishing off low health enemies or assisting in fights elsewhere on the map.

During team fights, stay in the backline and utilize Caitlyn’s long range to deal damage from a safe distance. Position yourself carefully to avoid getting caught by enemies that can dive onto you.


Caitlyn is a powerful marksman in Wild Rift with incredible range and burst damage. Her ability to control the map and deal consistent damage makes her a valuable asset to any team. By following this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to play Caitlyn effectively, maximize her damage potential, and secure victory on the Rift.

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